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Best Butcher Shop for Aged Beef

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I am getting ready for a cookout and am looking for a butcher that sells prime aged steaks?


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  1. Both Fox & Obel and Whole Foods carry prime dry aged steaks. Fantastic

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      Do you know if all Whole Foods carry the same products?

    2. Or just order delivery from Allen Brothers. Same steaks that Fox & Obel carries, but you can get some free hamburgers thrown in with certain size orders. Same price, but a few freebies.

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        Allen Brothers steaks are "wet" aged.

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          They have both dry and wet actually. Check out the website.

          Link: http://www.allenbrothers.com

      2. I've never been but I heard that there are some fantastic butcher shops in the west loop. Not sure if its wet or dry aged... but a friend once told me you can point at what you want off the cow and they'll cut it up.

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          Michael LaRue

          If you're in or near the northern suburbs, go to Zier's Prime Meat and Poultry on Ridge just south of Lake Street. Excellent beef cut to order. Closed Sunday & Monday.

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            Another vote for Zier's. They have the most wonderful aged beef (dry aged, I believe), as well as their own smoked meats, etc.

            Incidentally, the directions in the post above may be a bit confusing to anyone coming from the city. First of all, Zier's is located in Wilmette (not stated above). It's just south of Lake *Avenue*, not Lake Street. Also note that Ridge Avenue in Wilmette is *not* the same street as Ridge Avenue in Chicago and Evanston; it's a northbound continuation of Crawford (also Gross Point) in Skokie and Evanston, which is a continuation of Pulaski in Chicago. Those coming from Evanston and the far north side of Chicago can take Ridge to Green Bay Road, turn left onto Lake Avenue, go about a mile, and turn left onto the other Ridge Avenue. Those coming from the rest of the city can take the Edens to Lake Avenue, go east a couple of miles to Ridge, and turn right.

            Zier's Prime Meats & Poultry
            813 Ridge Rd
            Wilmette, IL 60091
            (847) 251-4000

          2. I don't know whether or not these two places age their beef, but they both sell prime. Paulina meat market and Gepherdt's (spelling?)on Halsted and Armitage. The variety of hard to find items is huge, and the staff is polite and helpful.

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              Gepperth's Market... wow that takes me back. I used to get all my meat from them. That was waaaaaay back before Whole Foods existed.

            2. I can second the vote for Fox and Obel as an easy place to get amazing quality prime meat. I have been to Paulina, I have been to Gebherdt's and both are very good, but Fox and Obel has them beat. A few weeks back I ordered prime bone-in ribeye for a BBQ, and it was some of the best meat I have ever had. Not only that (and believe me I can't beleive this is true myself) it was actaully cheaper for prime there than at many butchers I have been to.

              1. Joseph's Food Market on the northwest side (Irving Park and Pittsburgh) is incredible. Incredible meats (and seafood and other stuff) cut to order. Very neighborhood and really wonderful. Quality+Price can't be beat.

                1. largerabbit,

                  I can't agree with you that Joseph's "is incredible".

                  It's a nice neighborhood butcher shop which also carries an ok selection of Italian and non Italian goods. Tha 40 year old signs outside the store proclaim "Prime Meats", but I have seen his stuff and it isn't prime, even though he claims that it is. His meats are is choice at best. Nothing wrong with choice, but choice isn't what the OP was asking for. No prime at Joseph's.

                  Evil Ronnie

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                    I haven't tried Joseph's, but two quick comments: 1) prime is not the same thing as prime and aged. The OP wants aged meat. Most places that sell prime don't age their meat. 2) There are definitely different quality levels within the "prime" category. Since "prime" is a label bestowed by the USDA, I would be very surprised if Joseph is labeling choice meat as prime. Having said that, based on Evil Ronnie's comment, I suspect he is selling lower quality prime meat. Lower quality prime meat isn't bad (though it may be expensive). But high quality choice may be better than lower quality prime.

                  2. Darren 72,

                    Trust me Darren, Joseph's does not sell prime beef. He sells "wet aged" (aged in cryovac) choice and/or below. And the OP stated aged, not dry aged. But I agree with you, I think that he meant to say dry aged.

                    Most wet aged beef has about two weeks age on it by the time it reaches the retailer or restaurant operator.

                    I am executive chef of a well known private club in the city, and have almost thirty years experience in kitchens. I know what prime looks like and Joseph's doesn't carry it. He showed me a piece of choice rib roast and lied through his teeth to me, telling me that it was prime. I just smiled and said no thanks. It wasn't worth wasting breath over.

                    If you want dry aged prime, Fox and Obel is the only place in town to my knowledge. Gepperth's had prime rib steaks, short loin (porterhouse/t-bone) and strips last time I was there,but they're wet aged. Paulina usually has both prime and choice steaks available, and sometimes dry aged are available. Seems to vary according to the season.

                    Evil Ronnie

                    1. You should try Dorflers in Buffalo Grove if you get a chance. I bought some meat there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent. The website says all their beef is dry-aged prime but when I went in there the butcher told me that the strips were wet-aged and everything else was dry-aged. It's also not as expensive as city butcher shops.

                      I also just bought some meat from Prime Steaks of Barrington. The strip I had was fairly tender(however could have been thicker) but the filets are cut to order and are extremely tender and very excellent.


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                        The new whole foods on waveland and halsted is dry agin the meat in house. I talked to the counter manager and he said they were the only location to do so as of yet. I have also noted a variance of wine they purchase from location to location. It seems that they all specialize in different areas

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                          Big Apple Meat Market. Located inside Apple grocery on Clark just south of Fullerton. The best full service butcher shop in teh city. They only sell PRIME steaks and dry age them themselves. The only place in the city I know that actually brings in sides of beef and breaks them don themselves.

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                          I'll second the rec on Dorflers. It's definitely all Prime beef but I'm not sure about aging since I've only been buying the skirt steaks. But let me tell you, the skirt steaks there are out of this world good! I've never had a more tender skirt anywhere, period.