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Jun 7, 2006 01:39 PM

best Ethiopian food in Chicago

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Where should we go for really good Ethiopian food? Went to Mama Desta's decades ago. Is it still great?

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  1. Ethiopian Diamond on Broadway (Far North) is really good.
    Stacy wrote the linked review and I agree (pretty much)

    The musician added to the evening. It's pretty easy to move around up there too. Parking's a snap.

    Link: http://www.chicagofoodies.com/2005/08...

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      I second the Ethiopian Diamond recommendation.

    2. "Where should we go for really good Ethiopian food?"

      Having just dined at Blue Nile with an Ethiopian friend, I can tell you, "NOT Blue Nile!"


      I third the E.D. recommendation.


      1. Ethiopian Diamond is excellent. Also on Broadway is Ras Dashen which is my favorite. But honestly, you can't go wrong at either one.

        RAS DASHEN
        5846 N BROADWAY