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May 16, 2006 08:04 PM

Crawfish Boil

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I've recently moved to the area from Austin, and one thing I've been craving recently and seem to be unable to find is a place to go get a good cajun boil -- ideally a big bucket with corn and potatoes and crab and shrimp and crawfish, but, really, I'm just desperate for some good boiled crawfish. I'll deal with anything, as long as they have that, and it's a semi-passable imitation of the real thing.

Any pointers? Northside/NW suburbs ideal, but my craving knows no geography.


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  1. I was shopping on Argyle Street a few weeks ago and all the bigger Vietnamese groceries had barrels of live crawfish. I think they were about $5 a pound. Isn't May the big crawfish month? They should still have them. If not, Wickstrom's Deli, in Andersonville on Clark, used to have them frozen, or could order them for you live (for some reason the Swedes eat crawfish). But I'd check Argyle Street first.

    1. You might give "Don's Dock" in Des plaines a call (847-827-1817). They occasionally have a sign out advertising a "Fish Boil". I don't know if it's "cajun" or not.

      1. You may want to call Maple Tree Inn located on the far south side. I'm originally from N.O. and MTI use to have the best in the area years ago. Also, I believe Heaven on Seven may have some pretty good ones as well (several locations). Good luck!

        1. Haven't been in a while, but Pappadeux in Rolling Meadows (Golf and Algonquin? or Arlington Hts Rd) had them. You get them by the pound I believe. give em a call....

          btw, fish boil is definately not anything like crawfish boil .... Fish boil is some Wisconsin 'joke' on the flatlanders (that's us in Illinois), I'm convinced .... although one of my friends says that the kerosene on the white fish gives it an interesting taste.

          1. We have been unable to find a true shrimp or crawfish boil in the area. We have family in North Carolina that introduced us to this years ago.

            The only way that we have been able to satisfy our shimp/crab/crawfish boil cravings have been to make our own at home. The trickest thing is finding the Old Bay seasoning at our grocery store. Its buried in the spice aisle on the bottom shelf.