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May 11, 2006 11:09 PM

Singapore mei fun (Singapore noodles)

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Is there a Chinese or other restaurant in Chicago that makes superb Singapore mei fun--sometimes also called Singapore chow mein or just Singapore noodles?

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  1. Try King Wah in Chinatown. It's just south of Cermak on the east side of the street. Although I've had better meals there in years past, the food is still good. They serve a pretty good Vermacelli Style Singapore Noodles.

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    1. re: amoncada

      Thanks for the tip. We tried it (it's no longer King Wah, but rather under new management). What an excellent suggestion! This was the best Singapore Noodles I've ever had. What was amazing was the restraint--not overly greasy, not too salted or MSG'd. And this was without any special requests. The balance of flavors was really excellent!

      1. re: Jon

        What is the new restaurant name though! Curious minds wish to know!