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May 8, 2006 01:06 AM


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After watching tonight's Sopranos, I have a big taste!! Is there anyplace in the North or Northwest suburbs that make zeppole?

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  1. Your a few weeks to late, I have only seen Zeppole's made the week of St. Josephs day. A once a year treat.

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    1. re: Kim

      On that note, with St. Joseph's Day coming up (sort of) - are there any places people would recommend for a good Zeppole in Chicago? Il Mulino in Highwood has been recommended in another thread, but are there any others?

    2. Have been wondering about those too. There are a few old school Italian delis around Belmont/Harlem, maybe they will have them?
      Saw this on Food Network (Giada) not too long ago, you could always make your own!

      1. Palermo Bakery has a sign up saying they will be open regular hours (normally closed on Mondays) on March 19 for St. Joseph's Day and to order your zeppole now. I have not had their zeppole. If they are as good as the bread and cannoli I bought on Wednesday, you should be in good hands.

        Palermo Bakery
        3317 North Harlem Avenue
        Chicago, IL 60634
        phone 773-777-5957
        fax 773-777-3668

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        1. re: Eldon Kreider

          Palermo's in fantastic. You'll be in good hands.

          What I started liking even more is Il Giardino. They might have them.

          Caputo's might have them too, as I believe their pastries/desserts are supplied by a bakery.