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Apr 25, 2006 03:55 PM

Shanghai Soup Dumplings in Chicago?

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Just returned from Shanghai and have a craving for the soup dumplings we enjoyed at Lu Bo Láng near Yu garden. They prepared two bite-sized steamed dumpling encasing tasty soup along with a well seasoned ground pork morsel. We added dash of strong black vinegar per our local guide. Can you recommend a place in/near Chicago for the same?

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  1. You might want to try Moon Palace in Chinatown with Shanghainese food and americanized chinese food. I haven't had a chance to pick up some of the dumplings you're referring to... but have loved the entrees i've ordered and have never met anyone that's been there before that didn't love the food there as well.

    Moon Palace Restaurant
    216 W Cermak Rd
    Chicago, IL 60616-1914
    (312) 225-4081

    If you check it out let us know what you think. And the next time I head over I'll be sure to order them and give you some feedback.

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      Moon Palace is where my family always meets me when I'm in Chicago and we always get the soup dumplings. Not as juicy as some I've had, but pretty darn good.

    2. Unfortunately I have not found any that come close to Din Tai Fung in Taipei or Joe's Shanghai in NYC ... and I have looked and tried. Have tried Moon Palace's ... good food in general, but if you're looking for Shanghai quality soup dumplings they are not even close ... If anyone has found a real good soup dumpling in Chicago PLEASE share ....

      1. We like the Phoenix restaurant for dim sum in Chicago. The soup dumplings are deliciously flavorful. They are however, too big and the skin is thicker than Shanghai. But the flavor -delicious. The sauce they are served with is also a nice touch, my HK friends found the sauce which is redy with slivers of ginger to be completely normal. I'm sure we never had that sauce in Shanghai. You have to lift them carefully and because of the size they sometimes stick together. Anyone have a recipe?

        1. Soup dumplings are rare in Chicago. The ones at Phoenix are probably the best. As LSchnetzer pointed out, the skins are somewhat thick but at least the flavour is good. Sorry, but the ones at Moon Palace are simply not good (it could be because I had the crab and pork ones, not the plain pork ones). I noticed that one of the little dim sum shops on Wentworth, just past the arch but before Won Kow, had a picture in their window of what appeared to be soup dumplings. Haven't been to check it out yet, though.

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            Finding that "perfect" soup dumpling is as far as I can tell, an impossible task in the Chicago land area. I've ate at Joe's Shanghai in NYC many times and also the DTF in Taipei and more recently an outpost in Singapore and in Los Angeles. My wife and I were recently in Los Angeles and I dragged her to the DTF and we waited about an hour to share a table. It wasn't as good as I remember, but ok. With that said, just buy a plane ticket and go to Shanghai or Taipei.

          2. This is an update to a previous post about soup dumplings in a shop on Wentworth. Well, I went there today (the place is called Royal Dragon) and what they offer as soup dumplings is not worthy of the name. They look like soup dumplings but that's about it. Poor texture, weak flavour and zero soup. Their other dim sum is OK but not remarkable, and their tea is made from teabags! To be fair, they seem to have a pretty broad menu and their regular dishes might be good. Also, the space is a lot nicer than the average Chinatown joint and the staff are very nice. Sorry to go off on a tangent!