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Apr 10, 2006 11:09 AM

Easter brunch in western suburbs

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Any suggestions for good brunch eateries between Oakbrook and Wheaton? Most places such as Wildfire and The Clubhouse are fully booked...I am looking for a place like this or somewhere slightly more casual but don't want to stand waiting for an hour! Please advise thanks.

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    Brian M. Graham

    It's not exactly in the Western suburbs, but I made reservations at the Starved Rock Lodge for Easter brunch. It's only a little more than an hour drive from the Western suburbs (I 355 south to I 55, I 55 south to I 80, I 80 west to Ill. 178, south on 178 about 7 miles).

    I have been to many Easter brunches over the last few years. Seemingly every time, I have been greatly disappointed with the food. However, in November I had Sunday brunch at the Starved Rock Lodge and loved it. If a regular Sunday brunch is that good, I figure that Easter brunch can't be worse -- it can only be better! And Easter brunch is only $19 per person! And a mixed drink is only $3.75!! You'll spend some gas money, but save on the meal and drinks. The casual, recently refurbished rustic lodge and the State Park at your feet can't be matched locally.

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    1. re: Brian M. Graham

      We went to Starved rock Lodge for dinner last nite. I've never been there for brunch, but dinner was just o-k. Food is very plain, meat was tough, service was just so-so (I think we had a very new waitress) and for the price there are many places that have much better food. I love the location tho and would try it for lunch sometime-maybe after a hike there this summer. Hope we just hit an off nite.

    2. Most of the hotels have good Easter brunches, two of the better ones being the Wyndham at the Thorndale exit of 290 in Itasca, and the Marriott Hickory Ridge on 53 in Lisle.

      I don't know if they do it on Easter, but Suparossa (just south of the Marriott on 53) offers brunches on many Sunday holidays and it's quite good.

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      1. re: MarkH

        I have to vehemently disagree on the Wyndham. I had the misfortune of attending the Easter brunch at the Wyndham in Itasca a couple of years back, and it may be the single worst meal I've had in the past 4-5 years. If size and scope are your only criteria, yes, you'll be thrilled. But I covered every area except for the omelette bar (which, in retrospect, probably would have been my best bet) and, scouts honor, I'm not someone to indiscriminately bash a place -- I try to be constructive and find the positive in otherwise unsatisfying meals -- but not a single thing I tasted was less than terrible. Unidentifiable, gloopy oversauced meats and vegetables in chafing dishes, at the carving station the lamb was dry and well done to the core and the ham tasted like it had been in a saline bath for months, gooey par-cooked pasta, rubbery shrimp, sludgy looking oysters (love oysters, but those scared me). I'm not somebody who's anti-buffet, and I understand quality suffers somewhat when you serve in that fashion. But I went in expecting bad, and was still absolutely floored.

        It's just way too big. There's no way you feed that many people a variety like that and keep the quality anywhere close to reasonable. Just terrible.

        1. re: Dmnkly

          When I drove by that hotel on Sunday, it said WESTIN, not WYNDHAM. Perhaps it has changed since you were last there.

          1. re: CJT

            Huh... indeed it has! The Westin in Itasca was formerly the Wyndham. Hopefully the name wasn't the only change. That brunch wasn't merely a crime against food... it was food genocide.

      2. Check out Allgauer's in the Lisle Hilton on Warrenville Road just east of Naperville Road exit from I-88. They have an excellent Sunday brunch but on Easter you had better have a reservation.

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        1. re: CJ

          Allgauer's is a good recommendation. However, we called last week and they already were booked. We're going to the Wyndham across Warrenville Road, which may or may not prove to be a good choice (we've never been there before). I've found that Easter probably is one of the worst days of the year to attempt to go to any of these brunches -- they're a total zoo.

          1. re: Ron A.

            Easter is bad, but nothing compared to Mother's Day!

            FWIW, I left Allgauer's off my list because a friend of mine called them and also found out it was booked. They're going to the Wyndham in Itasca -- this is the old Hamilton Hotel, which had by far the best Sunday brunch in the suburbs. When Wyndham bought the hotel a few years ago, they maintained the Sunday brunch and kept up its quality.

            Personally, if I were doing the buffet thing on Easter I'd go to Bobaks...Easter and a Polish buffet just seem to go together!


        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We've gone to Carlucci's in Downers Grove a couple of times for Easter....and liked it quite a lot.....people don't realize that it's open, so reservations haven't been a's a pretty good sized place....give it a try.