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Mar 6, 2006 06:27 PM

Charlottes in Palatine.

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Anybody remember Charlottes Pizza in Palatine? It was on Route 14 and 68 in a trailer. The place was always
packed. The bar only served Leinekugels and Old Style
Long Necks.
The place had few tables and many booths. The thin crust pizza was great!!!!
When the Chicago - Harvard Train went by the place
would skake? THIS MESSAGE WAS POSTED YEARS AGO but many new hounds have not read this.


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  1. I remember Charolet's just where you describe but not in a trailer. It was a brick bulding that when the property was condemed for a new interchange was put on a house movers' trailer and stored open air just down the road on hwy. 14 on a vacant property. Speculaton was rampant as to where it was going to be moved. But time wore on and one day it was gone. Nobody knew where it went. Charolet's had the best pizza around at that time. The building and the recipe for the pizza is lost as far as I know. I wish somebody could identfy it's susequent location if any.

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      I remember stopping in Charlotte's before heading out to Cary to see Muddy Waters at Harry Hope's, Johnny Winter stopped by too. Best concert I ever saw. Damn good pizza too. probably '78 or '79.

    2. Best flippin thin crust ever......they were supposed to move the place down the road somewhere but I'm pretty sure that never happened.....damn shame!

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        Michael Florey -- St. Paul/Mn

        Damn, I haven't heard that name in years. I have lived in MSP for 20 years but my family has been in Palatine since the 1870's. I grew up in Rolling Meadows. My grandma lived in the old family farm house on Johnson street in Palatine (they tore it down last year). We would go to Charlotte's every Friday night. That was the best pizza ever. I can still taste the fine layer of cornmeal under the crust to help it slide off the tray. My Dad loved to get the Leinie's as well -- we would go fishing in Wisconsin every summer and he would drink them up there as well.

        Thanks for the memory.

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        1. re: Michael Florey -- St. Paul/Mn
          Missing Barrington

          When I lived in Barrington, we would carry out from Charlotte's Pizza. I was just a kid.
          Best pizza I've ever had - and what a fantastic memory....
          Chicago suburbia before the population explosion.
          Barrington was so beautiful back then.
          Charlotte's is obviously gone too. :(

        2. The original comment has been removed