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Mar 3, 2006 10:53 AM

Shepherd's Pie

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Looking for some good Shepherd's Pie. I actually like they way this is made at The Cheesecake Factory, but was looking for something a bit more traditonal.



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  1. Celtic Knot in Evanston has a really nice shepherd's pie. It is at 626 Church St. across from the Library and there is a parking lot behind the Library.

    1. Cullen's on Southport has great Irish food, including delicious Shephard's pie.

      1. IMHO the best Shepherd's Pies come from the more 'authentic' pubs - Duke of Perth is excellent, and has a wonderful atmosphere as well. Chief O'Neill's on Elston is also great, as is the Grafton in Lincoln Square.

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        1. re: Ms. Paris

          Good to Know Chief O'Neills still has a decent SP-

          I worked there while I was in cooking school and used to spend all day Sunday making the shepherd's Pie... Labor of Love.

          It's been a while

        2. The best sheppard's pie that is made, is the one I make at home..
          And I'm not irish.

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          1. re: Leroy

            Thanks for tooting your own horn, but it doesn't help anybody out unless you're inviting.

            I like my SP with chunks of lamb (not minced), and that's been rather difficult to find. Heck, many places don't even use lamb at all (therefore it's not even SP). But the Elephant & Castle actually has a fairly decent Guinness Stew, that is a better approximation of SP than their actual SP.

          2. s
            sadie Killmouski

            The Abbey Pub (at Elston and Grace) and the Duke of Perth both have very good Shepherd's Pie.