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Mar 1, 2006 06:28 PM

Good Italian food in or near Aurora

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Just moved to Aurora and would like to eat some Italian food. Thanks Brian

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  1. Search this board and LTHforum for posts by dickson d, flip, and saps.

    Good luck.

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      Lorenzo's is an AWESOME Italian restaurant in Aurora. Go to google and type Lorenzo's +Aurora

    2. Again I would look towards Naperville... you'll find Rosebud, in Aurora there is also Lorenzo's Italian Steakhouse, which might be a little closer

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        My wife's favorite restaurant lately is Francesca's Passaggio in Naperville (3124 S Route 59, in the Dominick's strip mall). In fact, we ate there last night. About as good as fresh Italian gets in this neck of the woods. (We're originally Northeasterners who have struggled a bit with the Midwest's interpretation of Italian cuisine.)

        Also, ate once at La Sorella de Francesca in downtown Naperville (18 W Jefferson) and it was fine.

        1. re: MKL

          My wife had enjoyed Francesca's Passaggio with friends in the past, so when her father was in town a few months ago, she wanted to impress him by taking there. Unfortunately, I came along, too. Nobody was impressed that night.

          I mean, it was all great, aside from the service being nonexistant, the food arriving cold to the table, and me having to explain to the hostess that a reservation means the table we reserved should be ready at the time designated (or darn close), not 40 minutes afterward because restaurant patrons "weren't finished drinking coffee and chatting."

          I know places are going to have bad nights here and there. Francesca's "bad" happens to be atrocious and unacceptable.

      2. La Sorella de Francesca in downtown Naperville is our favorite by a long shot. Lorenzos is pretty good as well.

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        1. re: Chicago Wine Geek

          We dined at La Sorella once last year, it was OK, but I promise you that if we ventured over there one or two more times we'd get a replay of the ill-fated Passagio night. No doubt in my mind.

          We had a great experience at Lorenzo's four years ago and then a crappy one last year (my favorite part was when they served our 4-year-old twins sour milk).

          Believe it or not, Luigi's (part of the Portillo's empire) located on Route 59 next to Meijers, has been our most consistent bet out here. Kind of tells you how shaky the state of affairs is for Itallian food in Naperville ...

        2. I'll have to respectfully disagree...We've had many great meals at La Sorella over the years, since it opened way back around 1997 or so. The service isn't always great, and it's often really crowded (on weekends, they can be a victim of their own success), but I've never been disappointed with the food.

          As for the state of affairs for Italian food in Naperville, I'd suggest that you try locally-owned mom&pop type places like Cafe Buonaro's, Angeli's, Petey Z's, or Capri for Italian-American food. In addition to these places, Pasta Amore and Cafe LaPiazza (near Washington and Gartner) are nice and a little more upscale. These places all are pretty solid.

          Not sure what to make of Luigi's -- I probably wouldn't venture out there, as it looks kind of like an Olive Garden/Macaroni Grill type of place to me.

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          1. re: RMA

            No need to be respectful. And La Sorella hasn't blown up on us. I was just predicting with a jaded tone that it is perhaps a rough Passagio night waiting to happen. That night with the father-in-law, it should be noted, blind-sided my wife. She swears that Passagio had always been fantastic.

            You're right, Luigi's probably has too much of that Olive Garden vibe to it, but I don't hate it yet. I've eaten there four times, including once when my old man, the retired chef, came out to visit. No complaints from him that night.

            Also, if we ate out more I'd probably hit the street and try the Pasta Amores and Angeli's of the town.

            Traverso's, by the way, which is about 60 seconds from my home, is also a decent casual mom-and-pop night out. (Traverso's is one of two in Chicagoland.) No veal on the menu, however, miffs me.

            I just wrote the word "miffs." Thank you.

          2. I forgot about Traverso's -- very good thin-crust pizza, but I haven't gone much deeper into their menu (and, as you mentioned, no veal dishes). I recommend that you give Cafe Buonaro's (in the 5th Ave. Station) or Angeli's a try for some good red-sauce Italian.

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            1. re: RMA

              It was about a week after the Red Sox won the World Series, and I was leaving the Succulent Seafood near Casey's, a man passed by me and commented joyfully about my Boston cap. Said he was originally from Massachusetts. He later added that he owned Angeli's.

              Simply because he's a Red Sox fan, I figure I owe Angeli's a visit ...