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Feb 27, 2006 03:01 PM

Addison area lunch

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I'm looking for a good place in Addison to have lunch. I'm not from the area, but will be there on 2-28-06 to pick up some computer parts. Chicago Stuffed pizza is great, and if there's a good place to have it, I'm game. Any other recommendations are welcome, too.

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    Suburban Sandy

    I realize that I'm probably getting this out too late, but there are several decent places to have lunch - if you really want pizza, there is Giordano's and their stuffed spinach & mushroom is really good. Right near there is a mexican restaurant called LaHacienda de los Fernandez and they do a lunch buffet. Across the street is Mario's Deli - they have great subs and homemade Italian food. You choose what you want from a large selection and they heat it up for you fresh. The Joey sub is great too. These are all on Lake Street just east of I-355 within 1/2 mile.

    1. I know this is a late posting, but just in case you ever get back to Addison try John's Pizza on Lake St. just east of Addison Rd. They also have a buffet luncheon.

      In the same mall is a great Italian Bakery.