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Today's Temptations Bread

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I have taken up Today's Temptations bread as a cause. Yesterday I called the bakery (phone number is on label) to ask who else besides Treasure Island stocks it, as TI gets it in once a week then it all sells out ASAP. My impression was that this local North Side bakery is a small concern. The man on the phone told me that in the city only Treasure Island carries it and that he mostly sells in the Northern Suburbs. So yesterday I put in a request at Trader Joe's and intend to do the same at WholeFoods. My motive is purely selfish: I'm afraid my puny and precarious supply line will disappear. If you try this bread and compare its nutrients label with others, you will understand. It has only 6 carbs and 45 calories per slice, 'way less than any other brand I've found, and has NO sugar. It is a delicious whole wheat that makes crunchy toast. Apparently I'm not the only person who likes it as every week it disappears from the store. Do try it and if you like it, keep asking for it. My guess is that the guy who makes it is not sophisticated about marketing his good product so we may all have to help him.

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  1. Sign me up as a TT supporter. Their Latvian Pumpernickle is wonderful. I think it is my new favorite bread. The Oakton Market (or whatever it is called) has a section for Today's Temptation. Still, I don't get out there that often. It would be nice to have a closer source (besides TI). Do you know if they have an outlet store? Their bakery is at 1900 n. Austin blvd. near Elmwood Park.

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      (Sorry, I just changed my server and keep writing the old one; no confusion intended.) I called the bakery yesterday because they hadn't delivered to Treasure Island, which they usually have been doing on Thursday and by Friday PM there was still no TT bread in the store. The man said they supply mostly the Northern Suburbs and that Treasure Island is their only outlet in the city. You might cruise by the bakery sometime and see if direct purchases can be made there. Where are you getting the Latvian Pumpernickel? Treasure Island at Clark & Elm stocks the whole wheat every week and sometimes the millet bread, which I haven't tried. The whole wheat is an amazing find for anybody counting carbs and/or calories.

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        I get the Latvian Pump at the Marketplace on Oakton in Skokie. I haven't been there for a couple of weeks. It is pretty long drive, so I only get there when I have other errands in the area.

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        Is there a location near Geneva, Il that carries the bread

      3. Sounds like a winning brand, I'll have to give TT a try if I can find it at Treasure Island. I've become a routine buyer of Healthy Life's Sugar Free bread, you'll find it's nutritionally tops.

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          Thanks. Where do you get it? My Today's Temptations supply is limited so I keep looking for alternatives just in case. Everything else I've found has twice the calories and three or four times the carbs.

        2. Yes- I've gotten it at the Treasure Island on Broadway-I believe it was the wheat bread-stated "great for diabetics" on the label It's thinly sliced and stays moist for several days after purchase...I was amazed that a delicious and nutritional bread could have so few calories and high nutrients and then it disappeared???

          They usually stock it on the rack in front of the deli counter....However another of my favorite breads has also disappeared??? King David Kosher out of Evanston- they made a great sliced challah bread
          anyone seen their bread anywhere lately??

          1. Today I went to the Marketplace on Oakton and bought another loaf of Today's Temptation Latvian Pumpernickle. I love it. It is dark and dense and moist with a chewy crust. IMHO, it beats any other dark rye available in the area, hands down.

            They also had the TT wheat bread, which looks very good. However, the low-carb message makes it look dietetic, which to most people means tasteless. I think that probably keeps many people from trying it.

            A new Today's Temptations item I discovered today is the Cheese Coffee Cake, which truly is a thing of beauty. Seriously, it is gorgeous. No way I could pass it up, even though it screamed triple bypass. I have not tried it yet, but just by looking at it, I am sure it will be dangerously addictive. I have promised myself I will never read the nutrition label.

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              Well, after my last post, I had to go try a sliver of that coffee cake (even though I am saving it for company tommorrow).It is a very moist puffy egg bread (like challa), with a thin sweet cheese layer and chocolate drizzled on top like tiger stripes. There is no nutrition label, but the ingredients say it contains no butter, and is made with low-fat milk. It is not nearly as sweet or as fatty as it looks, which suits me just fine. I like it!

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                Re the dietetic look---that doesn't seem to be stopping the shoppers at my local Treasure Island, who clean out the supply within a few days of the weekly delivery. That's what's so amazing about the TT whole wheat bread---it is actually good, very tasty. And so many people now are watching carbs and/or calories. Makes really crunchy, sweet-wheat-tasting toast.

              2. I agree--i called the guy--he needs to market better..the bread is great--i live by midway airport and drive an hr to treasure island..for it.

                1. This bread is the bomb!!! It disappeared for a while but now back at Treasure Island with several differnet varieties including dark ryes, lithuanian, the excellent low-carb whole grain, etc...all priced around $3.50...similiar to the old Baltic Bakery breads but I prefer the taste of these

                  1. I couldn't agree more. I love this bread and I wouldn't have been able to lose 35+ lbs since January without it as i love my toast in the morning. I get it at Harvest Time on Lawrence just west of Rockwell. I would eat this bread even if I weren't trying to lose weight, it's that tasty!

                    BTW if you haven't been to Harvest Time before that store is a great little find too. Great fresh produce at half the price you see at the chain groceries. I call their bread aisle the United Nations bread aisle as you can get fresh delivered bread from all the great ethnic bakeries all over the city....Latvian, Armenian, Hispanic, Italian, Greek...you name it.

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                      Was in Jewel today in Lakeview and they now carry Tasty Temptations bread- They are all great but love the Lithuanian Rye- it's a great sandwich bread!!!

                    2. Stanley's Fruit and Vegetable Market on Elston has the best selection and it's almost alway in stock!

                      1. FYI, They have now reformulated their products and all are now Kosher Parve.

                        December 24, 2008

                        27 Kislev 5769

                        Today’s Temptations in Chicago, Illinois, bakes several different varieties of cakes and breads, all under the certification of the cRc. Some of the cakes may list some dairy ingredients on the package such as whey or cheese. The ingredients have been reformulated and, regardless of the listed ingredients, ALL of their products are pareve, Pas Yisroel.

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                          I have tried almost their complete line of breads and they are absolutely the best....I would love to see them come out with a NY style Onion Rye Bread, and perhaps take a stab at Bagels and Bialys......

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                            The Jewel on Howard now has a display of their bread oposite Breadsmith

                        2. FYI, if you haven't already tried it, Healthy Life has a good Rye too - come in both seeded and unseeded with 5 Net Carbs (also NO Sugar). Most Dominick's and some Walmart's have. Jewel has the white/wheat version, but does not carry the Rye.

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                            I'm still bananas over their Lithuanian Rye Bread....It has a slight sweetness, little morsels of fresh onion, and it makes for a great sandwich...and also toasts well- delicious in the AM with a slice of havarti....and it's one huge loaf of bread....

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                              Lately I have seen Today's Temptation bread at Treasure Island, and in more varieties. For more than a year it had disappeared so this is good news. I hope they do well.

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                                Jerrys Fruit on milwaukee carries a nice selection.

                          2. I recently discovered Today's Temptations breads at Woodman's in North Aurora. They have their own table. I tried their low carb, multigrain Italian, and now the Lithuanian rye. All fantastic! Delicious and healthy! By looking at the label, I was concerned that they wouldn't be around long. Now reading the others posts, it seems like the breads are turning up in a variety of grocery stores, and they have many fans like me!

                            1. I purchased Today's Temptations bread at Joseph's Market in Crysal Lake, Il. I bought it for the first time last Friday. It was so good, I went back three times to buy more! After reading all the posts on this web site, I called Today's Temptation Bread Company. A very kind man instructed me on the locations where this excellent bread can be purchased. He was quite accomodating and informed me of which store locations carry his product. He even called me back to tell me when the delivery man was due into Joesph's Market today. If your local market or Jewel does not carry this product, his advice was for his patrons to directly request this bread from the store managers as some stores need a patron's request to carry a new brand. I think if we are all diligent and encourage store managers, soon Today's Temptations bread will be in very many stores. I certainly am going to call my friends and family to look for and request this bread.

                              1. I just bought a loaf of this bread from Piggly Wiggly in Wisconsin!!! They had about 6 varieties to pick from and I got the wheat bread.

                                1. Hey N Tocus,

                                  I, too, love the low-carbohydrate whole grain bread from Today's Temptation.
                                  I have found it at Devon Grocery(near Uncommon Ground), Morse Grocery and Linconwood Produce on Touhy.
                                  They seem to have changed their ingredient label. Why would the same bread recipe before contain no eggs and now does contain eggs??? My friend is a vegan and now I cannot share in the same bread with him sadly. Could they have misprinted the labels? Help.

                                  1. The Jewel on W. Ogden in Naperville, across from the main Post Office, carries the Whole Grain Lo-Carb/Hi-Fiber bread from Today's Temptations.
                                    I purchased a loaf because of the unbelievable low carbs listed under the "Nutrition Facts" on the label (6g 2%) and brought it home and prepared for the worst, but the bread turned out to be very tasty.
                                    I will have to buy another toaster now. :O

                                    1. I have bought varieties of TT bread occasionally and found it good, though not my ideal. However, I got a loaf of their California sourdough from Whole Foods last week, and found it extremely dry, with a rancid aftertaste. Not a good experience.

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                                        The TT WHITE sourdough (yellow label) isn't great. However, they also do a WHEAT sourdough (white label) that is absolutely fantastic. (I still have a few crumbs from it sitting on the plate in front of me right now -- chicken sandwich for lunch!) It can be harder to find than the white version, so I stock up and freeze loaves when I find them. I've had good luck finding the wheat sourdough at Fresh Farms in Niles, IL, and occasionally at Jewel in Niles and Evanston. If you put in a request for it at your local Whole Foods they'll probably stock it for you. Once you taste the wheat sourdough you'll wonder why they even bother making the white version.

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                                          I think white vs wheat boils down to personal taste. I like both of the TT sourdoughs but I like the white better. When I was younger I found sourdough's sour flavor less than desirable. Today, that sour flavor seams less intense. It is masked quite a bit in the wheat version by the stronger flavor of the flour ingredients.

                                          As a side issue, I discovered that the freshness of the loaf makes quite a difference in either type of TT sourdough. I always liked the white purchased at Stanley's and the wheat was good also. Then I bought a loaf of TT white sourdough at Jewel that was significantly more moist and pliable. I imagine I lucked out at Jewel and purchased from a very recent delivery. When buying at Stanley's on Friday evening on the way home from work I was probably getting bread several days old. Hard to say for sure; made no inquiries about delivery dates; just my non-scientific observation.

                                      2. I have serious concerns about the labeling on Today's Temptations "Low-Carb / High Fiber" bread.

                                        They say total carbs is 6g but according to my blood sugar tests, it is my opinion that it's a minimum of 15g per slice. (I am being generous, maybe closer to 20) The kicker is they say 2g net carb. Again, I believe a minimum of 15 net carb. (So their total carb is even higher)

                                        I was excited this week to start using this bread, but after doing glucose tests, it is my opinion they are flat out wrong about the amount of carbs in their bread. It's not just the whole net carbs, it is the total carbs in general. Severely mislabeled in my opinion.

                                        (I am not implying their mislabeling is intentional, I am just saying it is my belief it is seriously wrong. I am warning all insulin users to be extremely careful with this bread.)

                                        1. EXACTLY A GREAT LITTLE BREAD FOR SURE Just had some for LUNCH---I recommend you visit with you local little international store-


                                          1. Today's Temptations breads are available at Stanley's Market in Chicago at North Ave. and Elston Ave. Stanley's has unbelievably low prices on fresh produce but the breads are not bargain priced.

                                            Regarding the comment about dry California Sour Dough bread: The bread is quite dense and stiff so you may get that sensation. However, just try toasting it and you will see that it usually has so much moisture content that it takes a long time to toast. If you want to soften it up and get that moist feeling and reduce stiffness, toast it for about a minute. It will be warm and moist. Do not microwave the bread unless you are a savvy microwave-ster who knows that 15 seconds or so might work while longer times will just make most breads tough and drive some of the moisture out.

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                                              I've seen racks of their packaged breads at my local Dominick's and Produce World, so I can only conclude that they sell them in many many supermarkets all over the Chicago area, and they shouldn't be terribly difficult to find.

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                                                I'm replying to myself because editing was not available. I purchased TT white sourdough at Jewel, probably from a very recent delivery. It was significantly more moist and pliable than the multiple Stanley's purchases I had made. Just lucky timing I imagine. The Jewel loaf has remained fresh for 5 days after purchase without refrigeration.

                                              2. http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementA... Read this from TT bread When it sounds to good to be true .... It usually is!

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                                                  I don't think the things they're being cited for really make that big a difference to my enjoyment or understanding of the products. I mean the fact that they list margarine as an ingredient but fail to list all the ingredients of margarine isn't exactly a game-changer.

                                                2. Picked up my favorite Today's Temptation German Rye Bread at Fresh Farms International on Touhy. $3.49 is the price I see everywhere. Good flavorful rye. Very satisfying. I also like toasting it too.
                                                  I appreciate the short list of ingredients.
                                                  Market Place on Diversey Pkwy. also carries it. I make a point in buying only local bread.

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                                                    I just happen to be on my way to that Fresh Farms right now. I don't think I've tried the TT Germany rye -- I'll check it out. Thanks!