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Feb 4, 2006 04:12 PM

Baltic Bakery is back!

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After the food inspector closed them down, Baltic Bakery goods disappeared from my local Jewel. However, yesterday I was at Andy's Fruit Ranch on Kedzie -- fantastic place, and if you've ever shopped at Whole Foods, you'll feel like you've been a chump when you see how much less they charge for the same items-- I saw their bread (and most of all, my beloved pumpernickel) for sale there. I hesitated. Had this bread been in storage somewhere? Was it safe? I gave in and have no regrets.

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  1. Good note on Andy's Fruit Market. I double took about a week and a half ago when I drove by and saw that they had lamb shanks for $1.79 a pound.

    That drew me in. I've been back twice since then.

    Really nice produce and specials that will kncok your socks off.

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      More goodies: 1) Edgewater Produce, 5509 N Clark, well-selected and well-maintained produce, good prices on that and on meat, a clean place. 2) Stanley's Produce, North Avenue and Elston. Chicago's mama-and-papa produce stores are a joy (and especially so when you go to WholeFoods and laugh at THEIR produce prices).

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        Thanks for the tip on Edgewater Produce! I had never checked them out, but I will now!

    2. I have yet to see their breads back at Jewel

      1. I need 5 loaves , unsliced ASAP.
        Jewel did carry but not now. Where, closest to Naperville can I get the 5 loaves ??

        1. My concern is that I just learned of the shut down in Dec 2005. I enjoy the carrot loaf from Baltic Bakery

          I was online trying to learn of the calories in the carrot loaf and saw the information on the shut down.

          I didn't see any expiration date on the label and I would still like to know how many calories are in the carrot loaf, if anyone can tell me.