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Feb 1, 2006 11:15 AM

Authentic Mexican in Western Suburbs??

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Any suggestions for good authentic mexican in western suburbs (something nicer than a burrito place?). Tried LaQuebrada in Glen Ellyn twice and won't go back again. It's nothing compared to the one in Cicero. Thanks!

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  1. In Geneva, my wife really likes Tia Maria....

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    1. re: KevinT

      I have eaten at Tia Maria's for around 15 years, only because others I am with like it. Why do they like it? Because the food is so Americanized and bland, their version of salsa is a red puree and the taco meats are only beef or chicken. Last week a former co-worker talked me into a trip to Tia Maria's that resulted in cold, runny black beans and a cold enchilada with no sauce. For much better Mexican in Geneva there is Fernando's on State Street ( a realitive of Batavia's El Taco Grande runs it) but it only has a few seats. Best of all is Mike & Miguel's on Anderson Blvd. Up front this is a carryout that sells everything from Italian beefs, burgers, tacos to horchata. Along side and attached by the kitchen is a sit down restaurant with about 10 tables. Everything has been good and fresh, my favorite being al pastor tacos served Mexican style (cilantro, onions and a light touch of white cheese) but for a bigger dinner I enjoy the camarones ranchera or diabla.

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      Suburban Sandy

      We go to LaMagdalena in Addison, have for many years. Food is usually good, margaritas, good. Prices are reasonable as well. They are now selling their salsa by the jar, stay away from it. You will not get what is on your table.

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        Bill from Downers Grove

        Gotta put in a plug for Salbute in Hinsdale. Not quite Topolobampo, but definitely casual upscale. The food's great.

        Note: It's a small room and gets crowded quickly. I've mostly been there for lunch, but on the one night we went for dinner a few years ago it was kind of cold out and they let the waiting patrons stand inside. One woman basically stood near our table and stared at my wife as she finished her dessert! Best to go on a slower evening, I think. But it IS very good.


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          I also was thinking about Salbute when I saw this post. We've enjoyed several really good meals there. I think you're correct that it's more of a casual upscale establishment (after all, it's in downtown Hinsdale). As such, it's not an authentic ethnic Mexican eatery, such as the places you'd find in West Chicago, but more along the lines of Frontera.

        2. Not sure if Oak Park qualifies as a "Western Suburb" but New Rebozo rocks and is always my choice for mexican in the suburbs!

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          1. re: LAWoman

            We second and third the New Rebozo recommendation. We absolutely love it. Great selection of mole and great drinks. We're actually renting it out for our rehearsal dinner there when we get married in May.

          2. Try El Tesoro in West Chicago. It's on rt38 (aka Roosevelt Road) in the strip mall just west of Joliet St. It's two doors down from the La Chiquita supermercado. This is just one of literally dozens of Hispanic restaurants in West Chicago...

            Fact is, if you can't find what you're looking for in West Chicago, you won't find it anywhere!


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            1. re: MarkH

              Believe it or not, we ended up @ Pepe's in West Chicago. Used to go there years ago before the old one burned down and it was great then. Now, just ho-hum. Thanks for the recs.... next time we get a craving for some really good Mexican, we'll try some of your favorites!!!