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Jan 26, 2006 05:43 PM

chinese restaurants in northern burbs

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i am new to the vernon hills area and am looking for a good chinese restaurant that's not too fancy or expensive, maybe a good carry-out place. the following areas are o.k. lake forest,vernon hills, mundelein, libertyville, lake bluff, bannockburn.

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  1. I grew up in Libertyville during the 90's, so hopefully these places are still around and thriving!

    Hunan Palace and Hong Kong Chop Suey - both on Milwaukee Avenue - standard fare for a reasonable price.


    1. There is a carry-out only place in Mundelein. I think it is the best Chinese food I have ever had (not an expert though). My friend thinks they don’t serve ‘real’ Chinese food, but Americanized. I don’t know, but I would recommend it.

      Oh, the place is Hong Kong Chop Suey 428 N. Lake, Mundelein. It is in a small strip mall.

      1. If you want to head a little south, try Dragon Inn North, 1650 Waukeegan, Glenview, a third of a mile or so north of Lake Ave. 847-729-8383. Wait until after the Feb. 4th New Year's rush.

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          dragon inn is the best food hands down. we love it

        2. How about Northbrook?

          Szechuan Kingdom
          545 Waukegan Road (In Brookside Mall)



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            Recently tried Szechuan Kingdom's "secret" menu and was a bit disappointed. Glad we tried it - something different isn't a bad thing. The price has increased to $29.95 - no big deal. However, the beef in the tofu/beef dish was very boney and fatty and the shrimp dish was overcooked. We also order eggrolls as an appetizer and they were no where near the best in the world as others have touted. Good, but not great...not enough filling for my liking and it almost seemed like each was wrapped in two wrappers - very starchy. The sweat and sour sauce served with the egg rolls was great though. This was worth trying once, but once is enough for me.

          2. Best Hunan in Vernon Hills. Just ate there last week and it was great. There were only two other groups dining Tuesday for lunch. It used to be a lot more crowded at lunch years ago. I know part of it is because companies are discouraging people from leaving work for lunch.

            The Silk Mandarin in VH. They have a buffet for lunch, and have a sushi bar. I think they offer an upscale menu at dinner, but I haven't been there in years.

            Other places to try:
            Cafe Pyrenese in VH
            The Firkin in Libertyville
            Mickey Finns for a microbrew.