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Jan 13, 2006 03:03 AM

Moving to Evanston. Any Good Burger Places?

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Will be moving to Evanston in the next month. Anyone know of a place that serves a good burger? I'll be just south of Northwestern and don't want to travel far.

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    Chicago Chica

    Pete Miller's, on Sherman just S. of Davis.
    EXCELLENT burger, made from prime steak trimmings.
    Sit at the bar, be casual, or make a reservation and sit with white tablecloths.

    Plus they have live jazz :)

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        In case you're still following this thread...

        1. Herm's Palace on Dempster is just across the border into Skokie, but they have fabulous burgers.
        2. Jack's is on Asbury near Oakton. It is a walk-up counter service and a hole in the wall, but on summer days the line is out the door. Greasy, thin, and utterly delicious.

    1. Also try the Candlelite Lounge in Rogers Park, just south of the Evanston border at Birchwood and Western (AKA Asbury Ave in Evanston). Really good burgers and garlic fries, and wonderful thin-crust pizza, too.

      1. For a very good burger with the fresh cut real fries try The Wiener and Still Champion. Not sure of the address but it's on Dempster close to Chicago Ave west of the Purple line.

        1. For burgers, I highly recommend Cross-Rhodes on Chicago just north of Main. I like my burgers rare, and this is one of the few places I trust to do them right. Although the food is very simple, the owner (who personally oversees everything) takes great pride in the freshness of his ingredients and the consistency and precision of the preparation. Every day he buys freshly ground meat from a local butcher. The char-grilled burgers are served very simply, on plain buns with slices of onion and tomato along with lettuce and a pickle spear, but boy are they good. I like mine with a slice of feta cheese and a glass of Retsina (an aquired taste).

          And don't miss the Greek Fries. They are thick crispy slices of potato drizzled with lemon juice and oregano, mmmmmm. The Gyros are pretty good also.

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            Yeah, I second Cross-Rhodes & Pete Millers. Pete's serves amazing steaks, burgers, etc. It's pricey though. The Greek Chicken at Cross-Rhodes is outstanding...lot's of garlic, lemon, vinegar. Their Greek chicken is virtually identical to the Athenian Room at Halsted and Webster. I wonder if there's a connection.

          2. I am going to have to go with Pete Miller's on this one. One of my friends swore by the burgers at the Keg, and well...going to that place before 1am is a big mistake. Bar Louie is the same deal. Millers is definitely the way to go.