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Jan 4, 2006 02:20 PM

Moroccan ras el hanout in Chicago

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Does anyone know if there is a local place to buy the Moroccan spice mixture ras el hanout? Seeing as though there are a couple of Moroccan restaurants in the area, seems simple enough! Let me know!
thanks, dan

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  1. First place to try : The Spice House on Wells.

    1512 N. Wells

    They Rock. Awsome place has EVERY spice I have EVER needed at good prices.

    (moment of shill)- if you need a different blend, the company I work for has our own spice guy... email me if you need further suggestions where to look. The Spice House, though, will be easier and you'll want to go back for all your other spice needs!

    (I wish I worked for them, I'd be a hell of a Shill!)


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      The Spice House will also do custom blends as long as they have the right ingredients. Assuming the order is large enough, they might even get the right ingredeints.

      Talk to the manager (JR, who is totally awesome, at the Old Town store) or Tom or Patty, who are usually floating around one store or the other.

      Of course, they might not do custom orders anymore. But I bet they will.

    2. Company in Naperville Ill. called Spice Depot their a spice wholesaler who will only ship restraunts, or give them a 7lb order and they'll ship anywhere in the country.630-236-8077

      1. I get mine at The Spice House on Wells. ditto: awesome employees