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Jan 3, 2006 02:41 PM

Glen Ellyn

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A shot in the dark, but can anyone shed some light on the dining scene in Glen Ellyn? Me and the old lady are thinking of moving there from the city. The little downtown area looks pretty nice...

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    Don't get to Glen Ellyn often but had one of the worst meals in a long time at the Santa Fe Cafe in the downtown area. Beyond bland Mexican food. The downtown looks quaint, there are some very nice old homes in the area, hoipwfully there are some better places to eat.

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      On the north side of Roosevelt Rt. west of 355, entering Glen Ellyn, there's a branch of La Quebrada, the well-regarded Chicago string of Mexican restaurants. There are Asian restaurants in the same stretch. I go to downtown Glen Ellyn to see movies at the Glen Arts Theatre, which is run by film buffs and shows movies that don't come to our mall. There's a pizza place to the immediate east of the Glen Arts. My wife and I ate there in a pinch. Not good.

    2. The downtown area has been getting a much needed facelift the last 5 or so years. While I agree that Santa Fe's food is not the best, they're known for their margaritas. The atmosphere is very comfortable also. Shannon's is good for Irish / American fare and has a heated outdoor area with a fireplace that is sometimes open in the winter. Haven't been to Cab's (short for Cabernet) in a few years, but that was always a top-notch place to go - great wine list. There's a cute little Italian place called Vitorio's (it's the old Santa Fe location)on Crescent that's good. There's a Thai place going in - can't think of the name, but it's the same as the one in downtown LaGrange, which I wasn't terribly impressed with. On Roosevelt Road, there's Alfie's... best burgers around. On a side note, there's a Centrella grocery store in town called McChesney & Miller that has a great butcher shop - I'm not much of a meat-eater, but their steaks and burgers are worth going there for.

      1. Since you're looking at the suburbs, it's worth mentioning places in adjoining communities.

        In the downtown area of Glen Ellyn there is Cab's Bistro, Les Deux Autres, Figo, and Mykha's. In Wheaton there is Adelle's and L'Anne. In Lombard there is Praga and Bistro Banlieue. In Lisle there is Fabulous Noodles and Chef Paul's Bavarian Lodge.

        And then there's downtown Naperville, where you will find outposts of a number of Chicago restaurants (Sullivan's, Hugo's, Catch 35, Bistro Margot, etc), as well as the same traffic/parking problems you'll find in the city...


        1. Most of the mentioned restaurant reviews are very accurate. (Sante Fe, Cabs, Vitorios etc.) Cab's Bistro, Les Deux Autres, Figo, and Mykha's are considered above the rest. Alfie’s is western burbs best burger. The town is charming but the taxes are very high. Something to consider - The elementary school district (legally) has over taxed the residents nearly 15 million in the last couple of years - you might have to eat at home more!

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