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A shot in the dark, but can anyone shed some light on the dining scene in Glen Ellyn? Me and the old lady are thinking of moving there from the city. The little downtown area looks pretty nice...

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    Don't get to Glen Ellyn often but had one of the worst meals in a long time at the Santa Fe Cafe in the downtown area. Beyond bland Mexican food. The downtown looks quaint, there are some very nice old homes in the area, hoipwfully there are some better places to eat.

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      On the north side of Roosevelt Rt. west of 355, entering Glen Ellyn, there's a branch of La Quebrada, the well-regarded Chicago string of Mexican restaurants. There are Asian restaurants in the same stretch. I go to downtown Glen Ellyn to see movies at the Glen Arts Theatre, which is run by film buffs and shows movies that don't come to our mall. There's a pizza place to the immediate east of the Glen Arts. My wife and I ate there in a pinch. Not good.

    2. The downtown area has been getting a much needed facelift the last 5 or so years. While I agree that Santa Fe's food is not the best, they're known for their margaritas. The atmosphere is very comfortable also. Shannon's is good for Irish / American fare and has a heated outdoor area with a fireplace that is sometimes open in the winter. Haven't been to Cab's (short for Cabernet) in a few years, but that was always a top-notch place to go - great wine list. There's a cute little Italian place called Vitorio's (it's the old Santa Fe location)on Crescent that's good. There's a Thai place going in - can't think of the name, but it's the same as the one in downtown LaGrange, which I wasn't terribly impressed with. On Roosevelt Road, there's Alfie's... best burgers around. On a side note, there's a Centrella grocery store in town called McChesney & Miller that has a great butcher shop - I'm not much of a meat-eater, but their steaks and burgers are worth going there for.

      1. Since you're looking at the suburbs, it's worth mentioning places in adjoining communities.

        In the downtown area of Glen Ellyn there is Cab's Bistro, Les Deux Autres, Figo, and Mykha's. In Wheaton there is Adelle's and L'Anne. In Lombard there is Praga and Bistro Banlieue. In Lisle there is Fabulous Noodles and Chef Paul's Bavarian Lodge.

        And then there's downtown Naperville, where you will find outposts of a number of Chicago restaurants (Sullivan's, Hugo's, Catch 35, Bistro Margot, etc), as well as the same traffic/parking problems you'll find in the city...


        1. Most of the mentioned restaurant reviews are very accurate. (Sante Fe, Cabs, Vitorios etc.) Cab's Bistro, Les Deux Autres, Figo, and Mykha's are considered above the rest. AlfieĀ’s is western burbs best burger. The town is charming but the taxes are very high. Something to consider - The elementary school district (legally) has over taxed the residents nearly 15 million in the last couple of years - you might have to eat at home more!

          1. I grew up in GE and highly recommend Mykha's - it is phenomenal and has been since 1990! Consistent quality and amazing flavors and presentation. If you go to GE for any reason, Mykha's is a must!! Ok places are Shannons and Cabs. McChesney & Miller has a great meat counter and wonderful, helpful butchers. Decent schools and easy commuting to the city. Go Hilltoppers.

            1. Any intelligence on Bistrot Monet, which took over the Les Deux Autres space? When it first opened there were some very negative comments, but I've heard nothing more recently.

              1. Addelle's in Wheaton, about 2miles from dowtown GE is excellant. Ki's steakhouse on north ave is one thsts been there for years and the food is always great. Barone's pizza makes some very good thin crust pizza also.

                1. We finally tried Figo a few weeks ago (in the former Glen Ellyn Brewery space), and it actually was pretty good. Although the service was a bit spotty, the food was above average. We frequently go to Shannon's, and they have pretty good pub fare. Cab's and Adelle's (nearbly, in Wheaton) are two of the nicer restaurants in the area. We like downtown Glen Ellyn -- it's a cute, quaint suburb...The "soccer mom" and "whiter than white" comments seem irrelevant and uncalled for.

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                    Certainly didnt mean to offend you with those terms - I've emailed to have that removed. But please remember Mykha's is outstanding.

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                      That's okay. Perhaps I overreacted...My wife's a soccer mom and I'm whiter than white. :) Thanks for the recommendation -- I have heard good things about Mykha's, but have never been there.

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                        ...having lived in Glen Ellyn for 20 years I've seen a lot of places come and go. I've tried nearly every place. Cab's Bistro, Bistro Monet, Figo, and Mykha's stand above the rest and I'd rate them "above average" and upscale but not stuffy. Mykha's is above average but certainly not upscale. Same for Alfies. The burgers are the best in the area.
                        The Thai place is Thipi Thai. Nice decor, average food with above average prices.
                        Shannon's is a Irish/Pub and is below average, as is Sante Fe. Barone's is ok - just a "red sauce" place. Nothing disappoints and nothing stands out. As for Vitorio's, I haven't tried it. It is VERY, VERY small and timing for a table is important. Friends that have eaten there say it is good and staff nice. There are more to chose from (Curlys, Tap House Grill, Beijing) but nothing worth a special trip. The Trib posted an article about Chicks "N" Salsa (a converted Baja Fresh) the other day, raving about their fish tacos. Again, it's ok for local lunches and a work night dinner but not something to make a special trip for.

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                          Could you give me details on Bistro Monet (I'd posted earlier in the week inquiring)? How does it compare to Les Deux Autres, which I thought was quite good?

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                            Could you give me details on Bistro Monet - How does it compare to Les Deux Autres, which I thought was quite good?


                            Here is a link to what other people in Glen Ellyn have to say about it. As for myself, I think it's good - but not as good as Les Deux Autres and certainly not as good as Les Deux Gros.

                  2. As people have already stated there isn't much in Glen Ellyn, but the surrounding cities do have great places to tap into. Lombard has really turned itself around from the kiddie hangout of the old, places such as Capitale Grille and Harry Carry's. Oakbrook has Ditka's and Mon ami gabi, Western Springs has Vie (favorite), Naperville has the downtown area, Hugo's. There is also a new tapas restaurant on the Naperville/Aurora border, Macarena tapas.

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                      Perhaps I should clarify myself on the dining in Glen Ellyn. When I say "above average" I mean a place that: has a unique and perhaps different menu, a interesting place to dine with great and friendly service. They do something well and do it daily without getting stale. Figo, Cab's Bistro, Bistro Monet and Mykha's are in that category. They are not upscale chains. They are not run of the mill. They are not the upper crust but are just below it. Vie would fall into that category. They are not just the "average" place, like Barones. As for the places mentioned above - Capital Grille and Harry Carry's, Ditka's and Mon ami Gabi - they are corporate places. They are upscale and do something very, very well (though not my cup of tea) but they are hardly unique or different. I'd rather go to Vie, Figo or Cabs any day.

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                        Strange post...It's almost as if you didn't read the rest of the thread. There actually is quite a bit in Glen Ellyn, as others have noted. We had a good experience at Ditka's (on our first trip there, anyway) but I'm not a big fan of the Butterfield/Yorktown/Oakbrook Terrace corridor and the strip malls and chain places.

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                          I do apologize...i tend to skim over things rather to quickly.

                      2. We decided to try Tap House Grill for the first time last night. Although the service was very good, we were not impressed by the food at all. My husband had the cavatappi with meatballs, which was very light on the sauce and made it quite dry. I had the boneless pork chops stuffed with mushrooms and onions. The pork chops were very dry & chewy, however the mushrooms and mashed potatoes were very good. We might give it another shot for something more simple like a burger or sandwich. There's definitely much better options in Glen Ellyn (Figo's, Cab's, Vitorio's, Alfies, and Shannons).

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                          There has been mixed reviews about Tap House Grill. Your experience is typical. The food and service - sometimes ok, sometimes bad. It really is a drinks and appetizer place. Tap House is the third place in recent years in that space. Previous tenants include: Clearwater (steaks) and Firkin & Fox (English Pub)