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Mexican food near Western and Armitage

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  • kehoe Dec 21, 2005 02:51 PM
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What is the best Mexican food near the Western and Armitage intersection? There are several within a 1/2 mile radius.

I would be particularly interested in a good tortilla soup and/or steak torta.

Many thanks.

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  1. Hmm that brings back memories. Used to live right in in that area. Anyhoo. Las Asadas is probably the best of all those little places. It's a block or 2 north on Western from the Western and Armitage intersecton. Great grilled meats.

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      Las Asadas is great, but note that it's not a sit-down restaurant like the others in the area. The small building is 90% kitchen with a couple of counters, similar to a small, enclosed hotdog stand.