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Dec 14, 2005 11:07 PM

Sushi Near Gurnee?

  • j

We'll be attending graduation at Great Lakes and want to take the new sailor out for Sushi. Is there anyplace like the Sushi House near Gurnee Mills? We don't know the area at all.

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  1. this is a place on the corner, next to the hotel and across from speedway gas station.

    it's chinese and has a sushi bar. i've had both their types of food there and it's good. we've stopped there more than a couple times after coming out of six flags.

    1. Not that close to great lakes, but if you go to lake forest, sushi kushi is good....right off of waukegan rd by old elm

      1. I haven't been to them and can't vouch even for their continued existance, but here are two possibilities:

        6641C Grand Ave., Gurnee

        5340 Grand Ave., Gurnee

        1. While it's a little bit of a drive, Sake Zake is excellent. They're on Route 83, just north of Washington Street.

          1. Hayashi is still there (been for several years now) and seems to do a good business. Very close to Gurnee Mills.