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Nov 5, 2005 07:24 PM

NY style pizza in Naperville area?

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I am going crazy looking for a place in Naperville area that serves NY style pizza. If I have to eat another pizza casserole, I will cry! Even "thin crust" is not really "thin crust" as I know it.

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  1. A transplanted New York City pal of mine swears by...
    1669 Montgomery Road
    Aurora 60504

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    1. re: mirror

      Bless you. Thanks for the tip. :-)

      1. re: cheryl

        Let me know whether it meets your specs. I'll follow your thread here.

        As of the moment, I prefer very thin, very crisp pizza...

        Mrs. T's Chicago Style Pizza (excellent; not much salt)
        4246 Main St
        Downers Grove, IL
        (Spinach, mushroom, garlic on extra crisp thin crust)

        Uncle Steve's Pizza (excellent)
        421 E. Ogden Ave.
        Naperville, IL 60563-3232
        4 p.m. - 11 p.m. every day
        (Extra thin crust, whole-wheat blend available)

        1. re: mirror

          Vito & Nick's has an authorized branch in the Lemont Lanes bowling alley in Lemont. It's not NY-style, but it's very thin and pretty tasty. Cut into bite-sized squares. Flavorful sausage.

          Good luck, Cheryl.

          Thanks for the thin-crust tips, Mirror.

          1. re: Mugs

            I believe they have opened another Vito and Nick's on 30 in New Lenox(near Kohls in a strip mall). Haven't been there but friends that live near there like it a lot.

    2. If you can get up to Hoffman Estates, Garibaldis has the best pies! If not,Tony Saccos by Fox Valley Mall and Fiamme in downtown Naperville are both excellent. A little more like Naples style than NY, but I'll take it over Chicago pizza any day. I also hear that the pizza place next to Barnes and Nobles downtown is NY style. But they have limited hours.

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