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Oct 17, 2005 10:28 AM


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Hi!! I'm gonna be in Chicago on Wednesday night and was inquiring about GINO's PIZZA? Where are is it located? Is it worth it? Share your thoughs.. thanks!

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  1. The most overrated of name Chicago pizzas, in my book. Bready and tired-tasting. Lou Malnati's offers a much fresher-tasting example of the same style, not that that's my favorite style anyway. There's one within a reasonable distance of almost anywhere in the city.

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    1. re: Lupercalia

      Please don't waste your calories at Gino's which is a tourist trap.

      Previous posters are correct, Lou Malnati's and Pizzaria Due's are way better. If you go to Lou Malnati's, I recommend their sausage pizza. Rather than a cheeze pizza with crumbled balls of sausage on it, this pizza has a thick, solid sheet of sausage over the entire pie. It sounds disqusting, and I suppose it is, but it is really yummy!

      1. re: grassynoel

        The problem is it's going to be a very tourist trip and I have no control of that.

        1. re: Marie

          Jeez, Marie, take the advice here! DO NOT GO To Gino's.
          Picture this: A pie from Lou's.....


          1. re: Zippy

            Agreed. If you had your heart set on Gino's, why did you ask? I took out of town guests to the Gino's on Wells (because they haaaaad to go there) and we had a bad experience. The restaurant wasn't the cleanest and service was poor. The pizza is bland and there are such better places here. While Pizano's is my absolute favorite, I would say go to Malnati's, because you will get great pizza and a hardcore Chicago-pizza experience.

          2. re: Marie
            Sredni Vashtar

            All three pizza joints--Unos's, Malnati's, Gino's-- are located in the same area (River North neighborhood), immediately north of the Loop, within a few blocks of each other.

      2. The original downtown Gino's moved from its original location and now is located in the 600 block of North Wells. There also are a number of locations in the suburbs.

        For Chicago-style pizza, I actually think you can do better. Pizzeria Due is one of our favorite places to take out-of-town guests for Chicago-style pizza. It is located in the 600 block of North Wabash. It is a relatively small place, with more character and atmosphere than the new Gino's.

        Lou Malnati's also is a personal favorite. They have a number of locations in the city and suburbs. Their main downtown location evidently is at 439 N. Wells.

        In my opinion, both of these places are better than Gino's.

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        1. re: Ron A.

          what's the differance btw all the places you mentioned?

          1. re: Marie

            There is not a huge difference. I personally just think that the pizza generally is better at Due (and Uno) and Lou Malnati's. Gino's pizza certainly isn't terrible, but personally I think that it has a little too much sauce.

            1. re: Marie
              Sredni Vashtar

              Malnati's does a great butter crust on their deep dish--be sure to ask for your pizza with that crust.

          2. The recommendations of Malnati's are well stated -- it's much better than Gino's, Uno's and Due's. Pizano's is identical in taste and texture to Malnati's and there are Pizano's and Malnati's throughout the downtown area. If you need more specific geographic info, let us know where you'll be staying.

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            1. re: BR

              Honeslty, I'm gonna past on UNO's since it's a chain and I could find it in CT. I respect your notes and will most likely check out Gino's. I'll look it up on the net... thanks!!!

              1. re: Marie

                The one Pizzeria Uno downtown is not operated by the chain. It's also far, far, far better than the chain Uno's, which is dreck.

                You really should go to Malnati's, or Pizano's, or something other than Gino's.

                1. re: Ed Fisher

                  This is the Net. You are looking it up, no?

                  Uniformly, people who live here are telling you a better choice or two than Gino's. If you are unable to change plans to adapt to that advice, why ask for it in the first place? Really, this is tough love here. Go somewhere else and thank us later.

                  If you need basic info on Gino's, a directory will help you. If you want a better pizza, take our advice and go to Malnati's or Pizzeria Uno which are located within the same tourist areas as any Gino's. (I don't like Uno as well as Malnati's but Ed Fisher is quite correct that it bears no resemblance to the lousy chain bearing the same name and passing itself off as Chicago pizza.)


                  1. re: Ed Fisher

                    Although I much prefer Pizano's and Malnati's, I do agree that the Uno's downtown is very good and nothing like the chain version. Gino's, on the other hand, seems to have slipped and then slipped some more. I'd care if we didn't have so many good pizza places in this city, but of course we do so who cares. But I certainly wouldn't let any of my friends from out of town go to Gino's for "Chicago deep dish" pizza.

              2. I've got to post a defense of Gino's East.

                I agree that Lou Malnatti's is one of the best, but so is Gino's. Their cornmeal crust is unique, with a sauce that is flavorful, but straight-forward (similar to Lou Malnatti's).

                And if you are a visitor to Chicago, don't minimize the "tourist" factor of the visit. (ok, Gino's east on Wells is pretty loud and there is usually a wait).

                Why only one pizza anyway?

                If I was hosting a guest in Chicago, I'd be inclined to take them to Gino's.

                1. Well, if you can't tell...Chicagoans are PASSIONATE abou their pizza.

                  One clarification is needed...are you talking about GINO'S pizza or GINO'S EAST pizza? Everyone has pretty much offered their thoughts on GINO'S EAST, the multiple location more well-known place. Despinte the negative reviews, I think it's a great albeit touristy place...the pizza is most unique and you will enjoy it.

                  If you are talking about GINO'S, it is a one location place just N of downtown. One person wrote about it in his reply to you. It is a much lower-key place for pizza and beverages and I have generally heard good things about it.

                  Wherever you go...enjoy!