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Oct 4, 2005 11:57 AM

A question about think cafe...

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So I'm thinking of taking some friends to Think Cafe after the basically unanimous reviews, but it seems like it has changed recently (or maybe not so recently). From what I can tell, it used to be a lot less formal cafe type place. Can someone explain the change to me? Is it still recommended? Thanks!

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  1. It hasn't been an informal cafe type place for about two years at this point. It's now a casual dinner place.

    The food, last time I was there (before the expansion and before Check Please, maybe a year ago) was good. The salads are especially recommended, as is the seafood soup and the skirt steak.

    I would particularly avoid the desserts, which have never been very good in my experience.

    1. I went about a month ago and was really disappointed. the food was mediocre, though impressive in that it was made in a one-man kitchen. My appetizer, my entree, and my husband's entree all featured the same very lemony, thyme-y sauce. As a result, everything tasted the same. Also, the place is wayyy too crowded, and you get the feeling that the staff can barely keep up. Finally, my husband got sick off the mussels.

      On the bright side, you can bring your own booze.

      1. I went for my birthday last weekend and thought it was fantastic. Granted, the appetizers and entrees took a little longer than we anticipated, but with two bottles of wine waiting in the chiller, who cares? For the appetizer, there was prosciutto, asparagus spears, drizzled in truffle oil. My friend and I both ordered the rack of lamb, which was tender and intensely flavorful. We had the chocolate mousse desert which was decent, but the friend who recommended the place said that their organic apple tart with a creme brulee layer is ridiculously good. I would definitely go back.

        1. we live nearby and have been there a half a dozen times or so. we went in jeans on Saturday night and had a nice meal. there was a small wedding reception taking place upstairs. i think it's what you make of it.

          1. My wife and I have not only eaten at Think about 6 times but each and every time we have dined there we had great meals all around. My friends and family who now eat there regularly love the food and the BYOB ability. I cannot remember so much as one bad course over the past 2 years. So consider this my hearty recommendation. Or maybe we were just lucky with over 20 courses over time. Oh, and we love the desserts. To each his own.