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Aug 29, 2005 03:00 PM

New York style pizza in Chicago?

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I mean the super-thin kind with a thick crust. Cut in slices, not squares. Thanks.

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  1. Giordano's is at the southwest corner of River Rd. and Higgins. Although this is only a 5-minute cab ride from O'Hare, you will have cab issues unless you have a pre-reserved ride to and from (cab drivers hate the short trip) but a round trip cab could cost you $20-25. If you've already checked luggage, you could also take the "L" one stop to the Rosemont stop (about 5 minutes) and walk 10 minutes (shouldn't take longer) north. If you have a cell phone, you could order in advance as deep dish takes time (although I think they have personal deep dish pizzas that are quicker).

    There is also a Gino's on Higgins between Cumberland and River (just a 2-3 minute drive away from Giordano's) but I think Giordano's is much better and it's faster service.

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      sorry, meant to post this to the one below

    2. Pat's Pizza, 638 South Clark - I don't know if this is the same Pat's about which others have recently posted, but we love it. It's the closest my husband (transplanted New Yorker) and I have found to NY slices. They deliver, or you can eat in at the counter (it's pretty much a store-front).

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        You gotta go to the places that cut their pizza in squares to get the most authentic New York flavor. I understand this is probably an insult to, well, every New Yorker in the history of the world to suggest eating a pizza cut in squares but in Chicago you don't have much choice. As a native Chicagoan whose family is all from Brooklyn and Englewood NJ and furthermore being a person who has lived in Evanston, Wicker Park, Logan Square and Oak Park I believe I could be considered an expert in this area. Especially since I have always favored NY pizza over Chicago. The best place to get New York style pizza is Casciani's in Hodgkins Illinois. It is located on Joilet Rd and East Avenue approximately 2 miles away from the La Grange Rd. exit for 55.

      2. I got you on this one. Two places that serve exactly what you're looking for are Santullo's on North Ave. (near Damen) and Got Pizza near Division and Halsted.

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          Unless the Got Pizza restaurants differ in the pizza they produce, I definitely have to disagree with that one. I've just moved here about 2 months ago and have been searching all over for even a DECENT replica of NY style pizza, and Got Pizza just doesn't cut it. By the way, this discussion has been the best source for me to find different options to try. Thank you all for your suggestions and input.

        2. Newly opened Mangia Roma on Halsted just north of North has pretty good NY style (this from a transplanted NYer). It's not perfect, but as good as I've found in the Midwest.

          1. Gotta give the nod to Piece in Wicker Park. The pie is consistently great, perfectly thin with the right amount of sauce and cheese.

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              A Yankeefan does not necessarily a New Yorker make.

              While I enjoy the pizza and beer there, I really question Piece as a more NYC pie than Santullo's. How about foldability? How about being able to drip the right amount of oil off the point of the slice?

              Might be the easiest side by side comparison to make in Chicago.

              1. re: MLS

                Piece modeled their pizza styles and manner of service after the famed coal oven shops of New Haven. They only lack for one teensy tiny detail: an actual coal oven.

                As for Santullo's, I just had a couple of their slices, last night. And, just as it was the case on my past two or three visits, the pizza was completely torched. Folding the slice over was impossible; the crust was as dry and brittle as the desert floor.

                Now, I cannot speak for the whole pies to order at Santullo's. Can you?

                It is not saying much, but these are probably the best options in town:

                Cafe Luigi
                2548 N. Clark St.

                2827 N Broadway

                Gigio's Pizzeria
                4643 N Broadway

                Erik M.

                1. re: Erik M.

                  Shared a cheese pie yesterday shortly after noon. Good NY style pizza, perfectly foldable, even too foldable causing the dreaded two handed grab to lift up the second perpedicular fold about three inches from the point. Separate slices also have not been a problem the dozens of times we have been there, certainly not bone dry or brittle, but if the pie has been out for awhile, and then gets reheated in the hot oven(I'm not convinced that's the best way to reheat a slice) maybe they dry out. But that has not been my experience.
                  Regardless the method of reheating is not an excuse for dry crust and if it doesn't fold it is not NYC style!
                  I share your the cynicism implied in your last sentence though-in the NYC tristate area virtually every corner has decent NY style pizza and at about half the cost here.

                  1. re: MLS

                    Having eaten at Luigi's and Santullo's, as well as all the other places mentioned here except Piece (which I should try...but the atmosphere is kind of a turnoff), I'd say that Luigi's gets about as close as it comes to a real NYC slice. Santullo's, in my opinion, is pretty disgusting. I've never had an even halfway decent slice there, and the price is outrageous -- at least a buck more than the absolute best slices you can get in NYC.

                    I've always been baffled by the fact that nobody in this city can create even a marginal replica of the real thing.

                  2. re: Erik M.

                    Santullo's is wildly variable. I've had days where the slice has been completely overcooked (over-reheated), but today, for example, it was barely warmed through.

                    It's just a very variable place.

                    The whole pizzas tend to be a little more consistent (and consistently better) than the reheated slices.

                    It's just that the folks working behind the counter are, I think, fairly flaky. They'll forget your slice was in there until they go to put another in sometimes, resulting in charcoal.

                    Piece is New Haven, indeed, not new york, but I think the difference is relatively minimal. I think piece's pizzas are generally higher quality than Santullo's, but for some reason Santullo's are sometimes more satisfying in their greasy way.

                2. re: yankeefan

                  i agree. piece is the closest you will come. i lived in chicago for three years and my new york-native husband and i tried like hell to find good pizza. we were never very happy with the choices, although we liked a place called bricks on north lincoln.