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Jul 30, 2005 01:52 PM

Dinner before Wicked

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My husband and I will be in Chicago and going to see Wicked at the Oriental on a Thursday night. We need recommendations for our Pre-Theater dinner - preferably not a great distance from the theater. We plan on trying Frontera Friday night. We like all varieties of food and would like a relaxed setting with top service to go with delicious food. $40-$50 per person would be our max. We're not big drinkers so the food's the main event.

Would appreciate any help.

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  1. See the "Pre-Lion King" thread below which began July 28.

    Good luck.

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      The person who started the Lion King thread specifically wanted to go somewhere other than Atwood Cafe but if you've never been there, I would highly recommend it. It also happens to be one of the closest restaurants to the theater you're attending. My #2 recommendation would be Catch 35.

      1. re: Corey

        Thanks for recommendations.

    2. My wife and I took in Wicked last Friday nite. We opted to visit Catch 35 on Saturday. The reservations desk was really not very warm to my phone call but I can over look that issue. The menu looked really good online so I was fairly excited about the opportunity. Service was slow, but they were busy, and the waitress did ask up front if we were trying to hit a show schedule (which is very thoughtful). My glass of water and my cup of coffee was never lacking so I actually tipped both the waitress and the young man who kept my beverage always there!
      My wife had the filet and enjoyed it but found it to pale in comparison to Ruth's Chris the night before. I had the swordfish off the nicely spiced section of the menu. I enjoyed it but it was slightly overcooked. I have a habit of always comparing it to my own cooking to arrive at a thumbs up or thumbs down verdict. My swordfish is better.

      1. We did Wicked on a Sunday matinee, then ate at Brazazz about 6 blocks north on Dearborn. It's a Brazilian meat place $50 per person. They have a very good buffet of appetizers, then they bring various grilled meats on skewers as much as you care for: prime rib, flank steak, pork, chicken, lamb chops, shrimp, etc. Includes sides of grilled polenta sticks (delicious!), mashed potatoes, and plantains. The buffet is good quality. You can then walk to the theatre as we did.

        1. Our choice for dinner before Wicked was 312-Chicago. Excellent meals and great service. The staff was very conscious of time in regards to the theater crowd as well. Request a booth overlooking the street. It is just a short walk to the theater as well.