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Jul 20, 2005 04:56 PM

The Dellwood Pickle

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Man. I miss the Dellwood Pickle. Can anyone recommend a place that is anything like it? By that I mean casual, funky atmosphere, homemade pastas (spinach fettucine w/broccoli walnut sauce?!?!), and just an all around good meal. Never had a bad experience there. Ever. I really wish it was still around....

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  1. Dear Michael,
    I was one of the original three owners of the Dellwood Pickle, and the name came from my childhood. At family get togethers some of my cousins & I had jam sessions of a band we called "The Dellwood Pickle". I played the drums, er...wastepaper can, and the trumpet ( a real one which I could not play).
    When I started working in restaurants at age 18 while putting myself through college, I decided I wanted my own place one day and that a good name would be the Dellood Pickle.
    It actually happened, and sometimes I still can't believe it. I'm sorry that I could not make it work.
    Anyway, your message was very nice. Brad & I left the Dellwood Pickle to Madeline's able hands clear back in 1994.
    I got to see see it open one more time around 1999.
    The Dellwood Pickle was a dream come true that I guess I did not deserve, or I did not know how to deserve, but thank you for remembering it.
    We always were blessed with the most wonderful clientele/guests/friends anyone could ever hope for.
    Even so, I have to was heaven and it was hell...glorious and horrifying at the same time.
    Thanks for liking it.
    Kevin Briggs


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      I used to live in Andersonville and I LOVED the Dellwood Pickle. I moved away in 1998 and haven't had a change to get back. The other day I got to thinking about it and decided to try to go there on my next visit to Chgo. Lo and behold, it is closed!?! I am so disappointed. It was a great place. Great food, great service and staff, and without all the attitude. RIP, Dellwood Pickle.

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        I was a waiter there in 1994 just when Madeline took over. She was just the best boss. had a nice sister too that helped us on the packed Sundays when we had that long line to get in. I too miss it enough that I still have the menu in my head! I was thinking of opening a Dellwood style place in Tampa soon. I worked with 2 Michaels, one was an actor just starting up his own acting company, and there was Teddy, our cook. Great place! I even got written up by one of my clients and one of my other clients drew me a picture in the crayons we had on the white paper covering( remember?) I still have it! Coming home for the holidays and too bad I can;t eat there. Bruce

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          This exchange is why I continue to read Chowhound.

        2. I just have to comment after reading Kevin Briggs' post. Like everyone else here, I too am saddened by the loss of the Pickle. I have many wonderful memories of bringing my fiancee' now my wife there for your Walnut sauce which she adored. We brought friends to this magical, funky, amazing place where the food was so well matched with the atmosphere.

          We've lived many places (Dallas, Phoenix, San Fran) through the years, and there have been many "Remember that time we went to the Dellwood Pickle and ...?" conversations. Usually while staring up at the sky. (we usually came in at nightfall)

          You should be pleased to know that the Pickle holds such a wonderful place deep in the hearts of many who got to experience and appreciate it.