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Jul 20, 2005 04:56 PM

The Dellwood Pickle

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Man. I miss the Dellwood Pickle. Can anyone recommend a place that is anything like it? By that I mean casual, funky atmosphere, homemade pastas (spinach fettucine w/broccoli walnut sauce?!?!), and just an all around good meal. Never had a bad experience there. Ever. I really wish it was still around....

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  1. Dear Michael,
    I was one of the original three owners of the Dellwood Pickle, and the name came from my childhood. At family get togethers some of my cousins & I had jam sessions of a band we called "The Dellwood Pickle". I played the drums, er...wastepaper can, and the trumpet ( a real one which I could not play).
    When I started working in restaurants at age 18 while putting myself through college, I decided I wanted my own place one day and that a good name would be the Dellood Pickle.
    It actually happened, and sometimes I still can't believe it. I'm sorry that I could not make it work.
    Anyway, your message was very nice. Brad & I left the Dellwood Pickle to Madeline's able hands clear back in 1994.
    I got to see see it open one more time around 1999.
    The Dellwood Pickle was a dream come true that I guess I did not deserve, or I did not know how to deserve, but thank you for remembering it.
    We always were blessed with the most wonderful clientele/guests/friends anyone could ever hope for.
    Even so, I have to say...it was heaven and it was hell...glorious and horrifying at the same time.
    Thanks for liking it.
    Kevin Briggs

    Link: http://brikesmiley.com

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      I used to live in Andersonville and I LOVED the Dellwood Pickle. I moved away in 1998 and haven't had a change to get back. The other day I got to thinking about it and decided to try to go there on my next visit to Chgo. Lo and behold, it is closed!?! I am so disappointed. It was a great place. Great food, great service and staff, and without all the attitude. RIP, Dellwood Pickle.

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        I was a waiter there in 1994 just when Madeline took over. She was just the best boss. had a nice sister too that helped us on the packed Sundays when we had that long line to get in. I too miss it enough that I still have the menu in my head! I was thinking of opening a Dellwood style place in Tampa soon. I worked with 2 Michaels, one was an actor just starting up his own acting company, and there was Teddy, our cook. Great place! I even got written up by one of my clients and one of my other clients drew me a picture in the crayons we had on the white paper covering( remember?) I still have it! Coming home for the holidays and too bad I can;t eat there. Bruce

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          This exchange is why I continue to read Chowhound.