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Jul 14, 2005 11:45 PM

Cheap food in hyde park

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I'm looking for something houndish. A fast food or short order type would be great. Sandwiches, burgers, anything meaty that I can eat with my hands, and I don't want to spend more than $5. Thanks!!!

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  1. Get a burger at the Medici, an old favorite U of C hangout. You might go just a buck or two over your $5 limit, but well worth it.

    1327 E. 57th St.

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    1. re: Greg

      Morry's Deli
      5500 S. Cornell

      Nathan's Chicago Style
      1372 E. 53rd

      1309E. 53rd

    2. If you want cheap, Hyde Park Gyros on 53rd is the place. Several burger,gyro,chicken options with fries and a drink under $5. They even serve the Big Baby.Not the best ever, but fresh and made to order.

      1. For really cheap food, try the employee cafeteria at Bernard Mitchell Hospital on the U of C campus (58th & Maryland). There's a short-order grill in the basement that serves up double cheeseburgers for 99 cents. There are other inexpensive offerings, as well. The place turns-out a killer chili and soup that sticks to your ribs . . . for 99 cents a portion, also.

        To get to the basement cafeteria . . . enter the hospital and follow the signs for the "D" elevators (you'll pass an excellent Au Bon Pain restaurant in the lobby) and take the elevator down to the basement. Follow the "Cafeteria" signs. It'll be a maze journey, but well worth it for a hungry person!

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          I was intrigued by this food option less than half a mile from my desk that I was unaware of so just went there for a late lunch and had a cheeseburger. Unfortunately it seems that the prices have changed, now the cheeseburger is 2.99 and the chili was about 2 dollars I think.

          The place is called Billings Cafe. It is actually easier to reach from the Ellis entrance (the entrance by the UoC campus, next to Citibank) ... basically you go to the basement (level B) and follow the Cafeteria signs.

          The burger and banana smoothie I had were underwhelming, although it would have been a great 99 cent burger. The smoothie had an artificial flavor and was too sweet. I think I'll be back when the main grill is open, for the record the full service hours are:

          M-F: 6:30-10, 11am-2pm, 4:30pm-8pm
          SatSun: 7-10, 11am-2:30pm

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          Former Hyde Parker

          I would suggest the Nile on 55th Street, their Shwarma and felafel are a joy. I live in DC, but constantly crave it.
          1611 E 55th St

          As an alternative, the Bonjour Bakery on 55th Street in the Hyde Park shopping center serves a steak sandwich that is out of this world. Marinated steak on their freshly baked baguettes with lettuce tomato and a little mayo. If you go there, you must also have a lemon/pistacchio cookie.

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          1. re: Former Hyde Parker
            Akash Jayaprakash

            Went to the Bonjour bakery today on the suggestion of an earlier poster in this thread.

            The good news: The steak sandwich was delicious and fresh!

            The bad news: It was tiny and it was $7 with tax. :(

            I wouldn't mind eating there again (the sweets looked marvelous, but I resisted!), but those looking for cheap eats can't beat Hyde Park Gyros, where you can get a mountain of food for under $5.

          2. It seems like folks are overlooking the obvious. The best cheap food in Hyde Park (IMO) and quite possibly the best purchased food period is Harold's Chicken Shack (I prefer 51st & King Drive, but Kimbark plaza is probably easier for most)