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Jul 12, 2005 09:14 PM

Rogers Park / Clark

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Anyone with a good suggestion for North Clark Street in Roger's Park? Ethnic eats?? Mexican? Anything around there that's under the radar?? 6600 North up around Pratt. Thanks!

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  1. newish italian place on howard just west of ridge.good food.

    1. Man... only one reply! I just moved to E. Roger's Park from teh Bay Area and was hoping for some great suggestions for my new neighborhood. Surely there must be some good places to eat over here??? It's a great area wih tons of diversity. Anyone????

      1. not a restaurant but for the best hotdogs in Chicago - Romainian Kosher Suasage at Clark and Touhy (7200 N) - pretty much any of their deli meat is to die for - IMO

        For restaurant I have always liked Heartland Cafe - - an eclectic mix of patrons and foods - I especially like their breakfasts -

        Also a short jaunt further north you can try some fine restaurants in South Evanston - Lucky Platter, Campagnola, kunis and oceanique to name a few

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          Tell me what dish you especially like, I'd love to try it. I want so badly to like this place, it's so close to me and I love the feel of the place and the staff. I had their Soba noodle dish w peanut sauce it was pretty decent (the noodles were a bit squishy but the sauce was good and I got lots of veggies) I had a few desserts (cinnamon roll and pie) but have to say I'm not to big on whole wheat desserts-very hearty (translation=hard) I'll give breakfast a try for sure.
          Oh they did make an excellent Chai shake-yum!

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            Oh-I'm asking about Heartland of course. I forgot to mention that above.

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              I like the panhandlers, Huevos Rancheros, pancakes and I am also enjoy steel cut oatmeal -

            2. re: megakitty

              Have to agree with you about the Heartland dinner menu. I was never that impressed (they do have sweet potato fries though, that's always a plus).
              Breakfast on the other hand has always been really good.

          2. Devon Street has a plethora of good Indian/Paki/Kosher/Russian restaurants. I would advise taking an afternoon and wondering down the street. Try the search method and type DEVON. Heartland has always been hit or miss for me. Clark in that area has good Mexican places. Can't think of names off hand tho. Sorry! I go by site. The new Italian place on Jarvis -- I think it's Gruppa... Metromix just reviewed it -- is supposed to be pretty good as well.

            1. I think it's

              Gruppo di Amici
              1508 W. Jarvis Ave.

              Haven't been yet, but I just moved up to Andersonville, so it's not far from me now. I intend to give it a shot soon.