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Rogers Park / Clark

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Anyone with a good suggestion for North Clark Street in Roger's Park? Ethnic eats?? Mexican? Anything around there that's under the radar?? 6600 North up around Pratt. Thanks!

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  1. newish italian place on howard just west of ridge.good food.

    1. Man... only one reply! I just moved to E. Roger's Park from teh Bay Area and was hoping for some great suggestions for my new neighborhood. Surely there must be some good places to eat over here??? It's a great area wih tons of diversity. Anyone????

      1. not a restaurant but for the best hotdogs in Chicago - Romainian Kosher Suasage at Clark and Touhy (7200 N) - pretty much any of their deli meat is to die for - IMO

        For restaurant I have always liked Heartland Cafe - http://chicago.citysearch.com/profile... - an eclectic mix of patrons and foods - I especially like their breakfasts -

        Also a short jaunt further north you can try some fine restaurants in South Evanston - Lucky Platter, Campagnola, kunis and oceanique to name a few

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          Tell me what dish you especially like, I'd love to try it. I want so badly to like this place, it's so close to me and I love the feel of the place and the staff. I had their Soba noodle dish w peanut sauce it was pretty decent (the noodles were a bit squishy but the sauce was good and I got lots of veggies) I had a few desserts (cinnamon roll and pie) but have to say I'm not to big on whole wheat desserts-very hearty (translation=hard) I'll give breakfast a try for sure.
          Oh they did make an excellent Chai shake-yum!

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            Oh-I'm asking about Heartland of course. I forgot to mention that above.

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              I like the panhandlers, Huevos Rancheros, pancakes and I am also enjoy steel cut oatmeal -

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              Have to agree with you about the Heartland dinner menu. I was never that impressed (they do have sweet potato fries though, that's always a plus).
              Breakfast on the other hand has always been really good.

          2. Devon Street has a plethora of good Indian/Paki/Kosher/Russian restaurants. I would advise taking an afternoon and wondering down the street. Try the search method and type DEVON. Heartland has always been hit or miss for me. Clark in that area has good Mexican places. Can't think of names off hand tho. Sorry! I go by site. The new Italian place on Jarvis -- I think it's Gruppa... Metromix just reviewed it -- is supposed to be pretty good as well.

            1. I think it's

              Gruppo di Amici
              1508 W. Jarvis Ave.

              Haven't been yet, but I just moved up to Andersonville, so it's not far from me now. I intend to give it a shot soon.

              1. Jamaican Jerk Chicken at 1631 W. Howard street. I hear that the jerk chicken is excellent.

                Vicerory of India at 2516 W. Devon Avenue is excellent. You can't go wrong here. Ghandi on Devon Avenue is very good as well.

                M.Henry on North Clark street for great breakfast.

                Huey's Hot Dog's for great burgers and dog's. Nice family run place.

                Evanston is just up the road so venture north for a ton of choices;
                Cross-Rhodes for great Greek chicken and gyros. Follow Clark street north until it turns into Chicago Avenue/continue to 913 Chicago.

                Le Peep for great breakfast. / on Church street
                Try the Desparado Egg Skillet...delicious!

                Clarke's for breakfast at all hours.

                Dixie Kitchen for cajun food on church street.

                Lou Malnati's at 1850 W. Sherman for the very best deep dish pizza in Chicago. Very good thin as well.

                Lupita's at 700 Main Street for traditional and contemporary Mexican Food.

                Pete Millers Steak and Seafood for unbelievable steak! Haven't tried the seafood but if it's anything like their steak, it's sure to excite. Pricey but worth it!

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                  I second Heartland Cafe. Also, there are a ton of Thai places - my favorite is Indie Cafe for something cheap; they do sushi too. Also, there's a tiny Venezuelan place called Caracas Grill on Clark St and Devon - it's kind of a hole in the wall, but the food is fresh and fabulous.

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                    Avoid Thai Spice on Devon - it's overpriced if you're looking for a quick Thai fix, and there is much better Thai not too far away if you're looking for a nice evening out (Ruby of Siam in Evanston, for one). Cafe Suron on Pratt (Middle Eastern cuisine) does nice mezze - I've always liked sharing a bunch of these more than getting an entree, although I have enjoyed their fessenjen in the past. Ethiopian Diamond on Broadway (yes, I know that's technically Edgewater, but it's really not that far) is GREAT - best Ethiopian I've had anywhere I've lived, and that includes DC and NY (full disclosure: I've only had vegetarian dishes there, but I hear the meat dishes, esp. zilzil tibs, are good as well).

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                      Ethiopian Diamond? Hmmm, sounds good. I'm curious as well about penguinista's reccomendation; Caracas Grill.

                2. I like Taqueria Uptown, on north Clark, about the same latitude as the Roger's Park Metra stop. It's a branch of the Taqueria Uptown that used to be next to the Uptown Theater building, on Lawrence. Avoid nearby Tien Tsin (learned this the hard way).

                  1. There's a lot of great places in Rogers Park but not so much on Clark Street. Grande Sushi is okay, the sweet potato roll is unbelievable. La Cucina Donatella on Howard and Ridge is pretty good. Cafe Suron east of Sheridan at Pratt is great! I second the person who mention the Romanian Butcher. The corned beef is excellent. Gruppo di Amici on Jarvis near Ashland can be good but they screw up a lot too. Candlelight on Western near Howard is great bar and their burgers and fish and chips are worth the trip.

                    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Carribean Bakery on Howard. Get a meat pie there. It's great and will become an addiction. There is also a good Mexican place on Cark just north of Pratt called La Cazuela de Mariscos which has excellent fish tacos and other fish dishes.

                      1. Linette's Jamaican Kitchen 7366 N. Clark is worth a try for good jerk chicken. Also Siam Pasta 7416 N. Western for awesome thai.

                        I also agree with Heartland (buffalo burger) and Candelite (thin pizza or italian beef).

                        1. WOW! See I knew there must be some places I could try up here.

                          Unfortunaltely (well, actually I love being carless) I don't have a car so I must rely on the EL or my feet for most outings-which is fine, I love to walk. But it's good to have a destination in mind and hopefully some excellent food at teh end of the excursion.

                          I do eat some meat but not a lot (which is why I think I'm having a little trouble finding things I like in Chicago-it's a meat town!) Plus a lot of the food seems kinda heavy out here with an emphasis on portion size more than flavor or tradition.

                          Also price is a factor (I'm a grad student) so I prefer modest with great food for low prices.

                          I've been to Heartland and it's cool-very quaint and cozy but the food-it was OK, again emphasis on being full I thought and not so much on flavor-but it's like 2 bloks from me so I'll keep at it.

                          Any other discussion about Roger's Park is greatly appreciated-I'll keep at it and report what I find too! I'm sure Chicago will have plenty of good eats to help ease the pains of missing the very YUMMY Bay Area.

                          By the way, anyone been to Everyday Thai on Devon? I picked up a menu and it looks interesting and they deliver!

                          1. Your comment on the fact that Chicago restaurants emphasize portion rather than flavor and tradition is so far from the truth. Only a clueless newbee would make a statement like that. I couldn't begin to tell you about how many great places we have that serve amazing food with great traditions in mind. Just to name a few; Bobak's on South Archer Avenue, Greek Islands, Rodity's, Santorini, Lou Malnati's, La Casa Del Pueblo in Pilsen, Pancho Pistolas, Noon-O-Kabob, Aladdin on Lincoln Avenue, Gene & Georgetti's, Gibsons, Hot Dougs, The original Rosebud restaurant, Tufano's Vernon Park Tap, Viceroy, Ghandi, etc, etc. It could be that there are far fewer places in Chicago when compared to SanFrancico that serve primarily vegetarian. You should have requested recommendations for vegetarian eats.

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                              I fully admit(ed) I'm a newbee and just said that SO FAR that this has been my experience when going to restaurants suggested by those who are perhaps not as passionate about food as I (and those on this group) seem to be. That is why I turned to this group for help. Your comments tone (amoncada) seems kinda rude but I do appreciate all the suggestions for places to eat that you made. I hope it's OK to ask questions and make comments on this site freely. I was under the impression that this site was for people to talk and discuss and share things with other likeminded food lovers.
                              I am not a vegetarian I just don't eat a lot of meat and although I like to find veggi places I'm open to anything that is really yummy.
                              Chicago is just such a BIG (area wise) city compared to the Bay Area and a girl without a car needs some tips to get her started-I'm certainly not dissing Chicago, I did move here and all.

                              Thanks for everyone's comments so far-I hope to hear more about fabulous restaurants in Roger's Park or near any El stops.

                            2. Megakitty -
                              I admit I was a little "peeved" at your comments too, but I can see your point now. If you are new to the city and relying on bad advice, you will get the bum steer. I am a non driver as well and I know where you are coming from when it comes to getting good food. I live off the Red Line so here are my thoughts:

                              Jarvis stop -- the new pizza place Gruppo Di Amico. There is also a new Irish bar down the street from it that has been getting buzz.

                              Argyle stop -- incredible Vietnamese restaurants. Some places that get the most praise are Tank, Sun Wah, and Ba Le. Do a quick search on the board for more options. Also, down the street from the stop on Sheridan is Riques Regional Restaurant. It's reginal Mexican BYOB. Don't expect heaping slops of cheese, beans, and sour cream but real thoughtfully prepared food. The chef is very nice too. I have heard good things about Tweet which is down the street from it but never have been there.

                              Berywn -- get off and walk west for 3-4 blocks and you'll hit Clark street. My faves on that are Svea for breakfast, Andies and Rezas for Persian/Middle Eastern food, Calo's for Italian, Hopleaf for Beligan food/beer, Tokoyo Marino for cheap but decent sushi, Hama Matsu for expensive (ish) but BYOB sushi, Sunshine Cafe for home cooking Japanese.

                              On Clark and Foster, there is a Middle Eastern Bakery of the same name and if you are looking for spices, baked goods, etc go there. The people who run it are so nice and everything is so fresh. Across the street is the Taste of Lebanon for some good shwarma and fafel.

                              Ok - so there are outside of R.P, but are in Andersonville/Uptown/Edgewater area. Everything on Clark is off the Clark 22 bus as well.

                              Enjoy the weather, walking, and exploring now! Once it gets cold, you are going to want to know where exactly everything is!

                              1. Some more options in walking distance of the Argyle stop: Thai Avenue and Thai Pastry; La Fonda (Columbian); Adria Mare (Croatian); Mei Shung (Taiwanese); along with the tons of Vietnamese possibilities.

                                1. Oh I should mention that while I'm not a veggie either, I don't eat a lot of meat. So all those places I mentioned have good non-meat options.

                                  1. Wow! Super. I'm excited to try ALL these places.
                                    Special thanks to lbs for matching restarants to EL stops-I too am on the Red line.

                                    I did try Thai Pastry (the first good food advice I've gotten since I moved here and no surprise that it was through chowhound) and it was very good. I had an really good red curry fish cake dish that I had never come across before at other Thai places. Delicious!

                                    I'm sorry to everyone if I seemed to come off as putting down Chicago,That really was not my intention-I think that the tourist-y type places one reads about in city guides and the advice of other travels who have only visited here just differs from people who really know an area and love good food. There's plenty of bad food in every city as we all well know!

                                    1. Wow! It's great reading these posts. I used to live in Andersonville up until a few years ago and all the suggestions make me miss that area. Is Silver Seafood on Broadway still around? I remember having great salt & pepper prawns -- very interesting dishes if you didn't look at the "American" menu.

                                      1. If you want to try some Colombian food, I recommend El Llano Restaurant on Clark. The Garlic chicken is AWESOME!!! TONS of food!

                                        1. For really good ceviche, and arroz con mariscos, try Taste of Peru. It's right on Clark and Albion in a little strip mall, next to a Subway. If you're not that familiar with Peruvian food, the menu for two is a good start. Also, the al pastor tacos at Los Portales on Morse just west of the Morse el stop are worthwhile. The Morseland also does a nice job, I'd recommend the vegan burgers, and I've had very good luck with their daily special. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear from friends that La Unica, a Pan-Latin grocery store has a diner inside with great Cuban sandwiches. If you head to Devon avenue, try Udipi Palace, they have good lunch specials. Try the Madras Lunch with your choice of vadai or idlis and any dosa on their menu. While you're on Devon, you can shop for spices and produce at Fresh Market and Patel Bros. both just west of Rockwell on the north side of the street, the #155 bus will take you right there.