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Jul 11, 2005 12:44 PM

Best Menudo in Chicago

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Yesterday my father and I had menudo con pata at Atotonilco on 47th & Ashland. Normally I go to the 26th Street location.

In our opinion, Atotonilco has consitantly had the best menudo in our 20 years of eating there.

The caldo is always void of "grease", even when served with pata de res. The pieces of menudo are always tender enough so that very little chewing is needed. The flavor of the caldo is never too hot or weak with pepper. Pepper can always be added but never subtracted.

Fresh chopped cilantro, onion and limes are always served with the menudo plus a stack of warm tortillas. Jars of oregano and dried pepper are in plentiful supply also.

How discussion/opinions of other great menudo locations?

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  1. Orgullo,

    I am partial to the one served at Los Comales on 63rd.
    I haven't tried that many here in Chicago, but perfer the beef feet variety over pig's feet. When I get it to go I ask for extra patas.