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Jul 5, 2005 04:01 PM

bloomingdale area

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need recommendations for this area. i'm familar with el tesoro thanks to this site(what great food). looking for something along the same lines, whether it be pizza, burgers, sandwiches, italian, etc. thanks in advance.

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    electric mullet

    For "garlic as a vegetable" Italian-American fare you'd be hard pressed to beat Ristorante Amalfi on Glen Elln Rd. Consistently excellent food and reasonable prices. Chicken Vesusio, Sausage and Peppers, Sausage and Escarole, Pasta Aglio Olio, Braciole, etc. are all standouts.

    For something mid-range, bordering on speical occasion, but still reasonable is Bistro Maisonette in the Old Town area of Bloomingdale. Eclectic bistro type food. Nice without being too fussy.

    Amalfi Ristorante
    298 Glen Ellyn Rd, Bloomingdale, IL
    Phone: (630) 893-9222

    Bistro Maisonette
    109 Franklin St, Bloomingdale, IL
    Phone: (630) 924-0930

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      I second Bistro Maisonette as a very pleasant experience. Excellent pate (better than Bistro Banlieue), good traditional (and non) presentations of bistro fare-escargots, mussels, steak/frites,etc. I had a bouillabaisse, albeit not saffrony enough for my taste and w/o a garlic rouille( sp?), but why quibble, it was still very good.
      Taco Real on Hiawatha off Gary has the best lengua tacos I've ever had.
      Serino's Italian Deli on Army Trail just east of 355 in Addison has terrific Italian anything. Try the Italian subs, ask about the daily specials.
      Pho Saigon on Bloomingdale Road just north of North Ave is bare bones but has good Pho and noodle dishes.

      1. re: MLS
        electric mullet

        I've dined at and enjoyed Pho Saigon as well. I had the pho and wife had a pork combo plate. There was something on the plate referred to as shredded pork but looked like free form pasta. After a sniff and a taste...chittlins!

        Have you tried Pho Hoa on Bloomingdale Rd? I have not and am curious. I believe it's a mini-chain but have heard good reports on their quality. Nha Y over in Carol Stream off St. Charles Rd has some very nice Vietnamese offerings as well. Also Food Harbor grocery store on Lake St. in Addison is one of the only places I've seen in the Western burbs to carry Bahn Mi sandwiches. They appear pre-made and wrapped but not sure if they'll make a custom.

        Used to like Capones Deli but haven't been there in a while. At times they were sort of hit or miss with consistency. PaulEnzos on Lake street has been pretty decent as well. I'm not sure if it's an early bird special or a one day a week special but they have choice of entrees, salad and such for like under $10. My father has also praised their version of bacala (sp?).

        1. re: electric mullet

          Pho Hoa in Bloomingdale is terrible. Better off going to Pho Saigon.
          Pho Hoa on Argyle St. and in Chinatown fare much better.

          1. re: electric mullet

            Pho Saigon is excellent, despite its cement-block wall surroundings.

      2. Lived here for five years now.Best pizza?Napoli on 272 Glen Ellyn road Superb.Sandwiches?Augustinos deli on the corner of Schmale and St. Charles road.Italian cusine?Amalfis at 298 Glen Ellyn road near Napolis pizza oddly enough.

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        1. re: Steve B

          Amalfi has the best Veal Saltimbocca I have ever had. Wayne is there to greet you on Tuesday nights, and seats you at his wife's station if he thinks you will tip big.