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Need some recommendations around Northbrook

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I am going to be in Northbrook for work for the next couple of months and would really appreciate any good dinner recommendations. I read about Prairie Grass and Bob Chin's. Looking for anything good. Have eaten at Kemahachi Sushi 6 times in the last two weeks so please help!

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  1. There are a number of other good dining options nearby. For good Southern Italian, Francesco's Hole in the Wall is very good, although it gets very crowded and does not take reservations. Francesca's north (of the Mia Francesca group) also serves pretty good Italian food. If you're looking for a good burger, Hackney's and Pete Miller's, both in Wheeling, are good options. Pete Miller's also has steaks. Charlie Beinlich's in Northbrook is kind of a bar/tavern that serves very good burgers too. There's also a Ruth's Chris in Northbrook. Of course, if you really want top dining, there's Le Francais in Wheeling which I understand is back at the top of its game, and Carlos' in Highland Park, which is also outstanding for French food. Edwardo's Pizza in Wheeling serves very good deep dish pizza. A bit west on Lake Cook Road in Buffalo Grove is Lou Malnati's, which I think has the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. I also understand that a Pita Inn recently opened in Wheeling, and they serve pretty decent Middle Eastern food. If you're in the mood for Mexican, San Gabriel Mexican Cafe is very closeby in Bannockburn (on Waukegan Rd.) and supposedly very good and I hear that Hot Tamales in Highland Park is also decent.

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      A friend of mine loves a hot dog place in Highland Park called Michael's. Also, there are tons of restaurants in Highwood, which is a bit of a drive to your north.

    2. Try Charlie Beinlichs, Francesco's Hole In The Wall, Pacific Rim. All on Skokie Blvd just south of Lake Cook Road.

      1. You might want to check out Ron Of Japan.

        1. I agree with the other posts except for the pizza part and I'm not a fan of Ron of Japan. Hands down the best pizza in the North Shore is Piero's Pizza. I believe that there is one in Northbrook but I can only vouch for the quality of the one in Highland Park (different owners.) Prairie Grass is a fantastic restaurant with a changing menu so you could go there on multiple occassions for lunch and dinner. The desserts there will blow your mind! In the mall on Waukegan road in Deerfield is a famous restaurant called Masck which has good but expensive food. Also across the street is Red Star Tavern which has pretty decent 'American' food. Timbers on Skokie Valley Rd in Highland Park has nice meats and great fish. And Mimosa in HP is a lovely meal. I am not sure if you know about Metromix.com but it is a great resource for info in Chicago.

          1. How about Anton's Fruit Ranch on Skokie Valley Rd, just north of Lake Cook Rd? They have a great salad bar and make sandwiches from Boar's Head meats. I think their website is www.antonsfruitranch.com They have menus online.

            1. For lox and bagels, or a good bowl of chicken soup with a great matzo ball (and all of the other Jewish Deli fare):

              Max & Benny's Restaurant
              461 Waukegan Rd.
              Northbrook, IL 60062

              1. Is Meyers Tavern on Lake Street still around? Is it any good?

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                  Meyers is still around. Great burger and tater tots!

                  They finally paved and lit the parking lot.

                2. In Northbrook:
                  Charlie Beinlich's: tavern with very good burgers but closed until 12 Jul. An institution.
                  Francesca's Hole in the Wall: very good Italian. Cash only. Long wait and no reservations.
                  Next Door, which is next door to Hole in the Wall also a very good menu.

                  In Highland Park:
                  Michael's: hot dogs, etc. Try Mike's Bites, sort of an American fried potato.
                  Stash's: hot dogs, etc. Another institution.
                  Once Upon a Bagel: bagel bakery and deli.
                  Hot Tamales: very good and not your usual Mexican food
                  Las Palmas: your usual Mexican food
                  Little Szechwan: very good Szechwan
                  Country Kitchen: breakfast and lunch

                  1. Northbrook cautionary tale for travellers. 1. many of the restaurants recommended here are closed on Monday nights (incl Beinlich's). 2. Lou Malnati's in Northbrook is takeout only.

                    1. Not loving Prairie Grass. Went there around Christmas. The atmosphere was almost too casual with kids running around with menus on their head.

                      The food was ok. A real disappointment from what I expected.

                      Hole in the Wall was excellent but go at an off time - they really do mean hole in a wall.

                      1. For some of the best Chicago style thin crust pizza; Barnaby's on Skokie & Sunset is a must. They also have a pub burger that rivals many of the best in town, including one of my favorites Beinlich's which is just down the street.

                        Chainwise, there is a new Morton's of Chicago that just opened 1 block north of Dundee on Skokie, and the so-so Ruth Chris is nearby along with Ron of Japan and PF Changs.

                        For a great Northshore bakery hit Deerfields; there's one in Deerfield and one in Buffalo Grove.

                        If your willing to schlep a little north to Bannockburn, over on Waukegan Rd is Tony's Sub's, one of my favorite sandwich joints in the Chicago area,

                        And lastly, there is yet another Jewish deli nearby called Max's, located on Skokie just past Lake-Cook.

                        1. Since subs came up, I'll pimp Famo's in Glenview on Milwaukee, just north of Sanders.

                          Also in the western part of Northbrook, a nice Hunan place, Tong's is at the corner of Sanders and Dundee.

                          Heading west on Dundee to Milwaukee, I love Don Roth's steakhouse. Their spinning bowl salad is a must and I absolutley love their house dressing (which can still be purchased locally at Jewel)

                          One of my favorite taquerias is south on Milwaukee just south of Palatine Road in Prospect Plaza... Monica's Restaurant. There is a short order place with some great value specials in the same mall called The Dog Walk. The food is unspectacular, but the couple that runs the place are a charming couple and they process the heavy lunch crowds efficiently.