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May 19, 2005 04:16 PM

Western Suburb Unique Place?

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I've been challenged to find someplace unique in the Western Suburbs to take a group to eat. The criteria are $15 average entree price and not a chain. Need some recommendations!


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  1. d
    dashboard diner

    Don't let the bar in the front throw you off.
    Walk into the dining room and you'd think you
    were in a supperclub in Wisconsin. Excellent
    Friday Fish Fry (they told me it's sole), had
    a butt steak once, it was fine.

    Mack's Golden Pheasant (.com)
    668 W. North Avenue
    630 279 8544

    1. It's sort of a chain - Heaven on Seven. They have a wonderful menu, and the food is affordable.

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      1. re: Lindsay

        Heaven on Seven has really gone down hill in the past couple of years. We were there and received a pie of pie where the crust was as hard as a rock and then there another time where the softshell crab po boy was not even cooked inside.....

        1. re: Kev

          I have eaten at the Naperville Heaven on Seven numerous times and have never been disappointed. Although the service occasionally can be spotty, the food actually has been very good, in my experience.

          Some of my favorite dishes are the beef tenderloin tips, tilapia, scallops, or Cajun skirt steak (or flank steak, I can't remember), all from the specials menu.

          1. re: Kev

            I agree about Heaven on Seven, although my wife likes to stop there for the Missippi Mud Pie desert.

            Here are my ideas so far...any comments as I need to find a favorite.
            1. Cebu Restaurant (Downers Grove) - Never been, but I've heard is is good Asian food
            2. Uncle Bub's (Westmont) - I've heard it is good bbq and sort of unique
            3. Some Indian Place that I forgot the name of near Gematos off of Ogden & Jefferson (Naperville) - I've been here and it is excellent Indian food
            4. Clara's on 53 (Lisle) - this is a can't miss, but might not be unique enough

            Any help or suggestions are appreciated?


            1. re: SirEatsALot

              Indian place referred to is SWAGAT - Good food but very spicy.

              Other ideas:
              Cebu -not that great but quite a variety
              Bobak's - not a lot of atmosphere, but very good food (potato pancakes are phenomenal, oxtails are great when they have them) abundant food on buffet for $12 per person, includes soup but no drinks.
              Heaven on Seven - has had a great reputation, but even the original location is too high in price and not really worth it

              Best Recommendation: Joy Yee Noodle on Ogden - Iriquois Mall. Incredible variety of oriental noodle and other dishes at reasonable prices. Food always served hot and stays that way! Good fruit smoothies and other non-alcoholic drinks.

        2. I like the idea of Cebu, it's excellent Filipino food and not that expensive.

          Clara's seems to have lost a step since they opened a second location in downtown Naperville.

          How about the Polish buffet at Bobak's? It's technically a chain but it more than meets all your other requirements...

          The food is as idiosyncratic as the owner, but Chef Paul in Lisle (Bavarian/Bohemian) always has the potential to be terrific. Problem is, you won't know the level of quality until you walk in the door and look at the food on peoples' plates...


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          1. re: MarkH

            Clara's hasn't lost a step, it's lost a couple of flights. I used to be a huge fan, but had lunch there a couple of weeks ago, and it was almost unedible. I had lasagna, my wife had some other pasta. Both were very bad. I can't believe it is still the original family.

            Sad, it used to be great.

          2. The western suburbs cover a lot of territory, but my favorite place for a group is the Westmont Lao Sze Chuan. If someone in the group wants Beef with Broccoli, they can have it (and it may be the best they've ever had). If someone else wants Sour Pickle and Pork Kidney soup, they have that too (I'm afraid, I don't have personal experience to offer with the latter). The restaurant's website is More reviews and suggested menu items below.


            1. My first thought also was Cebu. Unique & authentic, not to mention great food. Cab's in Glen Ellyn is also top-notch, but could be just notch out of your range. Shannon's (next to Cabs) is very cool if you're able to sit out in the protected outdoor area. What about Palmers or Chequers (both cool outdoor areas in LaGrange). Chequers is more of an english atmosphere and slightly better food than Palmers. Hope this helps!!