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Apr 22, 2005 08:17 AM

Post Prom Suggestions - Near Shedd Aquarium

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Looking for restaurant recommendations for a Friday night post prom dinner


1) Near Shedd Aquarium
2) After 11 pm
3) Under $35


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  1. Opera would be a good choice, or Gioco.

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    1. re: GinaO

      Under $35 might be difficult at either of those.. possible, but not necessarily easy. I'd say expect more like $40-45/person after tax/tip.

      If you're willing to travel more, you can go to one of the open-late Greektown places. Santorini, one of my favorites, is open until 1am on weekends.


    2. s
      Sredni Vashtar

      Not sure of their late night hours, but what about the Chicago Firehouse? The food is unadventurous, but should appeal to a variety of tastes. And surely the old firehouse atmosphere would be an added plus?

      Chicago Firehouse
      1401 S. Michigan Ave

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      1. re: Sredni Vashtar

        Posts a closing time of 10:30 on metromix.

      2. How about Melting Pot on Dearborn? Depending on what you order, you can keep the price down.

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        1. re: SBakall

          The recommendation may be a bit late. If this was for a high school prom, those involved are probably graduating from college now - LOL!