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shrimp shack

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As a young person, we use to stop at a shrimp shack at or around 29th and S. Ashland Avenue. Hubby thinks he remembers the name being "Anderson's". Noticed about 8 years ago that it is now gone completely, shack and all. Every time we visit Chicago we try to find someone who remembers this unsightly but wonderfully tastey establishment.
Can anyone help with this? The fried shrimp smothered in sause in a "to go" box was to "die for!"

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  1. Was this on the east side of Ashland, hard by the south branch of the Chicago River, north of I-55, near the guy who sold watermelons out of a truck? If so, I too, recall the place but don't know where it has gone.

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      This was the best shrimp shack that's was out there wish is would come back it would beat out Lawrence and goose lsland

    2. Growing up on the south side I remember Anderson's very well. Was always a bone of contention between my younger brother and myself as he preferred Lawrence Fisheries on Canal & the river. Problem was solved when we each got our driver's license and didn't have to bug Dad anymore.I moved to Florida in 67' but on my return trips "home" I frequent Lawrence Fisheries with my brother since Anderson's doesn't exist any more.38 years removed from Chicago, but I still missVito & Nick's, Al's, Fat Johnny's, etc., etc.

      1. This place was by far the best fried shrimp place around. I never knew what happened but would seriously like to know. The place was always crowded and then one day it was gone. Their shrimp and hot sauce was amazing. I wish I knew where I could get some Anderson's.

        1. This place was by far the best fried shrimp place around. I never knew what happened but would seriously like to know. The place was always crowded and then one day it was gone. Their shrimp and hot sauce was amazing. I wish I knew where I could get some Anderson's.

          1. I remember Andersons being crowed all the time day or night I have yet,To find a place that makes shrimp the way they did hope to hear from some one who knows what happened to the best shrimp place in chi town

            1. Hi Everyone! This post made me cry, and I'm not sure if anyone will reply to me. My name is Amy Andersen(well now Ortiz) and my dad used to own J.K Andersen and son's shrimp on Ashland. My dad used to make the best shrimp in the world, he passed away in 2005 and so did his recipes! I can talk to some of my aunts and even my mom to see if I can recreate his wonderful food (Since I have been able too in the past) I want to thank everyone for your kind words, my Dad would be very happy to know so many people loved his shrimp. As for what happened to the business, the city of Chicago wanted that plot of land to build a park, bought my dad out, and from what I read, never built the park. Such a shame. Thanks again, you all have made my day!

              -Amy Andersen

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                Amy, I just posted a question on facebook because i couldn't remember the name! I have to tell you that I LOVED your fathers shrimps and hot sauce. As soon as I got my drivers license that was one of the first places I went to. That place should have been a Chicago landmark. I hope you can get a hold of the recipes soon! Resurrecting those shrimp and hot sauce would make a lot of folks very happy. You have to put them in the chinese take out containers as well! Did you used to work there?

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                  Amy Many memories come to pass from Anderson Shrimp house and till this day have not found It Equal any where,I really Loved that Shrimp Sauce and the fried Cat Fish and there are a lot of Delicious and wonderful Memories in our Hearts of Ex patrons but like any thing else it had to come to an End and it is truly Missed by all.God Bless

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                    My husband has talked about Anderson's for years and brought it up again over dinner tonight. I'm so sorry to hear the recipes are lost - were you ever able to recreate them Amy?

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                      Amy, I can't agree more with all these posts. I'm now 38 and it's probably been at least 20yrs since Anderson Brothers closed down. I still crave his fried shrimp with the sauces mild & hot. I'm a shrimp-aholic and have had fried shrimp from 100s of places. No place is as good as I remember Andersons being. I hope someone in your family has the breading and sauce recipes and u can re-open the place!!

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                        Amy. If you or yor family do ever decide to open another place, the west burbs( Plainfield, Joliet, Naperville) is a wasteland ofcrappy commercial corporate frozen garbage. It could use real Chicago shrimp house. Chicagoland misses your family's seafood. Please come back.

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                            I just checked out the menu. Thanks for the tip. I'll be checking them out this week.

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                              Back in the '50's I remember my family picking up fried shrimp on the southeast side. It may have been on South Chicago Ave. I believe it was called Camlicks(sp?). There was a bakery down the block called Hackels (sp?). Great donuts.

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                          amy, we are from southside of chicago and now live in northern wis. my boyfriend loved the shrimp sauce. is there anything on the market that would be close to that sauce? or do you know how it was made. he never stops talking about the chinese containers with the hot and mild red sauce. can you help me out?

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                            Happened across this post while looking back at Chicago in the 60's. My name is John, and I worked at the fishhouse for about 3 years. I remember Mr Anderson, Bob Owens, and two of his sons who would stop by back then. It was a great place. There was even a guy who had a big old wooden fising boat, and he would go out each week on the lake and bring back big tubs of chubs that we smoked in the smokehouse out back. Mr Rodi for Rodi boats was a regular, ordering fish and chicken dinners, fried shrimp, and smoked fish for boat guests he was taking on excursions to the lake. On fridays that line would go out the door waiting for shrimp, fish chips, etc.

                            Good times back then.

                          2. Having left Chicago back in 1972, but having returned pretty much every year, never missed a trip to Anderson's on the east side of Ashland, maybe a quarter mile north of Archer Ave., right near the river. The shrimp were simply best anywhere, as was the sauce. Was even able to enjoy those little wooden 2-prong forks that would help in devouring the shrimp moments later in the parking lot. The place is truly sadly missed. Wouldn't begin to guess the contents of the sauce or the splendor of the breading! Anybody know?