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Apr 2, 2005 03:56 PM

Whole durian

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Anyone know if whole durian (fresh or frozen) is sold anywhere in Chicago? Thanks. T-man

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  1. I've seen whole frozen durian at Diho market out in Westmont before.

    It's also been seen at Thai Grocery, frozen as well.


    1. There's an Asian supermarket on Broadway immediately north of the Jewel at Broadway and Berwyn. I'm pretty sure I saw durian there a couple of weeks ago. It was near the frozen foods section rather than with the produce. If somone could provide you with the name of the place you could call and confirm...

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      1. re: Cathleen

        The name of the store is Golden Pacific; there have been a number of postings here about the extensive inventory, superb cleanliness, and wonderful attitude of the people who work here. A great place.

        Golden Pacific Market
        5353 N. Broadway

        1. re: Gypsy Boy

          Thanks. Although I live near Golden Pacific I had not been there before. Wonderful place! -- clean, organized, and well-stocked. They had a whole bin-full of beautiful Thai durian. Can't wait to try one (although I understand the Malaysian variety is more fragrant).


      2. I saw some in the produce section at Fox & Obel a couple months ago.