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Feb 19, 2005 05:02 PM

Triple Crown Chinese Seafood & Misc. question

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Triple Crown Chinese Seafood in Westmont (Ogden & Pasquinelli strip mall) has the best dim-sum in the Chicago area for the price. They serve the standard Americanized chinese fare, but also items such as curried squid (one of my favorites), chicken feet and salt/pepper shrimp. The dim-sum prices are unbelievably cheap ($2.85 to $5.95) so you can try 10 items for under $30.00. PLEASE NOTE the dim sum is served at lunch only, but you can order off their many-paged menu anytime.

Now my question - any suggestions on the most comfortable place to eat? Until the recent past, the now defunct Come Back Inn was my safe haven.

Also, any unusual food, entertainment or location suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Those prices are not cheap at all, but of course it is in chicago's chinatown. If anyone goes to California, be sure to get dim sum there and you don't have to go to downtown, it is flooded with chinese restaurants. You can expect to pay half off for far superior dim sum. Yes about 1.50 - 2.00 for some dishes.

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      A quick correction: the triple crown reviewed in the top post was the westmont location, not the chinatown location.