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Feb 12, 2005 03:10 PM

Quail Eggs - Duck Eggs

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Anyone know where I can buy Quail or Duck eggs in Chicago? I'm dying to make quail egg oyster shooters!

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  1. Dear Mr Oyster Shooter-

    All of the Asian markets around Argyle have Quail eggs. If you are farther west you can also go to the Chicago Food Corp, which is on Kimball just north of Belmont (visible from the Kennedy). In Arlington Heights try Yamasho. I know not of dusck eggs, ask upon arrival.

    Happy eating.

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      Just remember, in Asian markets a duck egg may be more than you imagined. Some duck eggs are fertilized, sometimes hatching in the store, which are called balut. In the Philippines, this is a delicacy to be cooked and eaten as-is.

      When you find your duck eggs, don't forget to report back.


    2. Treasure Island on Broadway sells quail eggs in its cheese case.

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        Terry Sullivan

        John's Live Poultry in the 5900 block of Belmont, just east of Austin Blvd, sells duck eggs. Mostly for Irish immigrants, he says. Lots of other stuff--guinea fowl, pigeons.

        1. Check out Amish Healthy Foods at 1023 N Western Ave. They have double-yolked Duck Eggs!

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            i have seen quail eggs at whole foods too