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Suggestions for Valentine's Day?

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Can anyone suggest an elegant place for Valentine's Day?

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  1. If you like sushi, I think Coast has an elegant, upscale atmosphere. And it is BYOB still, I think, which is nice.

    1. Well, the top restaurants in the city are certainly candidates - Alinea, Avenues, Everest, Charlie Trotter's, Tru, NoMI, Moto, and Spiaggia. All are elegant, and all serve great food. None are inexpensive, of course.

      1. I think North Pond would be an excellent choice for an elegant, romantic Valentine's dinner!

        1. Do you have a neighborhood preference?

          1. I am a big fan on Fulton's on the River and Joe's. They are both elegant and romantic, white table cloth establishments. If you order properly, it shouldn't kill your pocket either.
            Although personally, I am planning on cooking something at home. Nothing beats a home cooked meal. It shows that tender love and care, went into the night.

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              I'm not so sure about Fulton's for Valentine's. We just went there and had a fine dinner, but we were seated in a large room with no semi-private spaces, just many tables. It seemed more corporate than intimate. Maybe there are other parts of the restaurant???

            2. Salvatore's on Arlington in Lincoln Park is my new favorite place to talk about. No one really knows they are open for dinner during the week, since it is closed most weekends for private events (more money, I'm guessing). Anyway, it is a gorgeous space and will likely be nice and quiet. Relly elegant old hotel space--lots of dark wood and marble--and fantastic food. Cheap, too, compared to other places with food this caliber.