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Jan 10, 2005 01:06 PM

English Pubs?

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Any good English pubs in the city or western burbs? Looking for a place where about 6 to 9 guys can get-together for some good beer and tell lies for several hours. Good food is not required but certainly a plus.


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    1. Elephant & Castle in the Loop....

      1. In the city, I highly recommend Duke of Perth and Red Lion (in that order). John Barleycorn Pub actually is a great place, too. Sadly, however, it often is overcrowded with college-age kids. Therefore, I would recommend avoiding it on weekends. (On the other end of the spectrum, Elephant & Castle is a Loop lunch and post-work place -- probably a little dead on the weekends.)

        In the Western 'burbs, there's a place called Chequers Pub in LaGrange. You can read the Trib review (in which it received 3 forks) on

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          I believe Duke of Perth has all you can eat fish & chips on Tuesdays. Based on my limited sampling, these are some of the better fish & chips in the city. Their beer selection is small - no crowd pleasing swill, thank you - and focused on quality English beers. Each is given a brief description. The bartenders are knowledgeable and their scotch selection is excellent. Parking in the area can be a bear.

          Along with Map Room, Quenchers, Hop Leaf, one of my favorite places in the city for good beer and conversation.


          1. re: RIEN

            this post reminds me that i need to get up to the duke. my buddy used to live right on oakdale & we'd hit it up on occasion. unfortunately, he moved to london & i haven't been in awhile....


          2. re: Ron A.

            Just to be clear - the Duke of Perth (a fine pub) is not English it is Scottish.

            1. re: Kman

              When looking at the various pubs in the Chicago area, I probably would consider the Duke of Perth to fall under the "English/British" category. This is based simply on the fact that Scotland is part of Great Britain and the UK (Ireland is not). At any rate, I think we're all in agreement that it's a great place.

          3. While not English, and definately Irish, the Galway Arms on Clark between Fullerton and Arlington is excellent for sitting, drinking and eating. Rarely packed, the food and service are always very good.

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