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Jan 8, 2005 07:30 PM

knife sharpening

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I would like to get my knives sharpened professionally. Does anyone know a place in the city?

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    Hank Baldpate

    I don't know of one but there is an old guy who walks around out neighborhood in the summer and does it on an old foot pump machine that he pushes around. Does a fabulous job. Anyone else ever use him?

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    1. re: Hank Baldpate
      northside nicki

      yeah- he was in our neighborhood right around Halloween- but it's hit or miss 'cause you never know when he'll be around

      I do know of a shoe maker on central between peterson & devon (just outside the city) that sharpens knives- as well as ace hardware

      1. re: northside nicki

        On the 3rd Thursday of each month (this month, the 20th) Barbara Wichura sharpens knives ($3 per blade up to 9" & $4 per blade over 9") at the Hyde Park Co-op in the 55th St and Lake Park shopping center.

        1. re: Jane

          Thanks for all the responses. I certainly seem to have several options.

          1. re: necla

            Northwest Cutlery is the ONLY option in my opinion. They were recommended to me a few years ago by the folks at Geperth's Meat Market. As mentioned previously, all of the restaurants and meat markets in the surrounding area use them. Also, they supply the culinary students at nearby Kendall College with their gear. Lastly, they carry a nice range of kitchen gadgets and equipment at better prices than Sur La Table, etc.

    2. The guy with the cart is fun, but here's where the professionals go.

      Northwestern Cutlery
      810 Lake Street


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      1. re: Ann Fisher

        Ditto On Northwestern. They revived a couple of my carbon-steel knives that I'd long ago given up for dead (or rather -- like several of my relatives -- terminally dull). Also a good place to buy cutlery and other small kitchen utensils. They care!

        1. re: Ann Fisher

          Question: How does one go about transporting the knife from home to store especially when public transportation is the only means of, well, transporation..? (Knife was received secondhand so no carrying box or anything)

          1. re: MsJunsu

            I would wrap it in a newspaper and put it in a paper bag. That's how I take my knives - in my car.

            1. re: MsJunsu

              You need to make sure that anything you carry the knife in is strong enough that the knife can't just rip through it - for example, not just a paper or plastic bag.

              I usually wrap it in a towel, and then put that in a strong carrier like a duffel bag or portfolio. You can also wrap it in a towel and then put that in a cardboard box.

          2. Roosevelt road between Harlem and Desplaines in Forest Park. I think it is called BAGET BROS. huge old time operation.

            1. This might be just because they were trying to sell sharpeners, but I was in the Chopping Block recently and heard the employee telling the customer that all of the chefs who teach there rave about this sharpener they have with 2 ceramic wheels. The customer asked about getting them done professionally and the response was that with this device, they don't need them done professionally.

              1. The Wooden Spoon in Andersonville (5047 N. Clark) did a nice job sharpening my knives at $2 a piece--it take take a couple of days, but they are very friendly and it's fun to browse their store full of kitchen supplies. They also have cooking classes (which I have yet to try)--similar concept to the Chopping Block.