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Dec 10, 2004 02:53 PM

Italian Sausage Source Needed

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Can anyone point me to some Chicagoland mail order places that sell Italian sausage? I need it for pizza and Chicago simply has the best (IMO) Italian sausage for this purpose.

Testimonials, links would be greatly appreciated.

[FWIW, thanks to anyone who replied to my post yesterday, which was deleted. Can the moderators edify me on this? ]

Alternately, recipes for making said sausage would be great, too.


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  1. Check out a recent thread on that very subject:


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      These are all great places, but does any of these places do mail order? I would love to send fresh Chicago Italian sausage to family on the west coast. Last year I tried to send Al's cooked sausages. I wanted to send 5lb and the shipping costs was crazy. I think it was around $70.00 just for shipping with dry ice. The last time my brother was in town he took back 2 doz Johnnie's sausages at $1.25 a piece. But for some reason you have to buy 3lb beef @ $7.50lb with a sausage order. Which is fine, who doesn't want Johnnie's Beef?

      1. re: Kim

        For my money, the very best Italian sausage comes from a store in Chicago Heights named, aptly, The Specialty Shop. They make their own sausage, which comes mild, hot or fennel flavored. In addition to lots of imported Italian foods and homemade products, they also sell jars of dried sausage which they make in the back room. The dried sausage is not always available, but my husband is addicted to the stuff. The Specialty Shop is located in a little strip mall at Joe Orr Road and Dixie Highway. I have no idea if they mail order anything, but, again, their sausage is the greatest.

    2. You might try googling to chicago style foods for places that ship those foods, but it's usually expensive packages that include other stuff as well.
      Your best bet is to buy good sausage, Bari on Grand is one, freeze it in a cooler and send it overnight shipping via UPS. If you send it frozen in the afternoon for 10:30 arrival it will hold. Might as well send some giardinaras as well! good luck

      1. the best italian sausage I've had in the state:

        Graziano Bros
        1601 South Union Street, Des Moines, IA 50315

        you can get it at most local marts. fair price.

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          Hello Blas!

          Have you ever tried a venison Italian sausage? You can get it at Broken Arrow Ranch in Texas!

        2. Here's the Master of sausage recipe links:

          I would also suggest DiGregario's in St. Louis which is where I buy all my salsiccia and other Italian sausages both fresh and cured:

          1. Alpine Sub Shop is tops. North Ave in Elmwood Park.