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Nov 18, 2004 03:00 PM

Indian on Devon

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Suggestions for good Indian on Devon with both vegetarian and meat...quality and ambiance and of course authentic all important. Price not an issue. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You know, this has probably been one of the most discussed topics on this board. How about doing a search? Heck, maybe you can even write a review after your dining experience.

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      Also, Nick has posted, just a few short lines down form here, a link to an extensive report on Devon Ave. Indian, with dozens of photos. The subject line incudes "Devon." Take a look.

        1. Having read all the raves on Chowhound, we still could not make up our minds where to go. But with my Indian friend in tow, we headed to Devon. We looked in the windows, noted the patrons or lack thereof, asked some of the shopkeepers for recommendations, and ended up in Tiffin.

          Tiffin was a wonderful place. Service was friendly, and went out of their way to recommend different dishes, all of which we ignored, leaving the job to our Indian guest. Food was outstanding. We tried a goat dish, and several vegetarian meatballs (yes, I know, no meat, just the balls) and everything was good, not overly spiced, even though we asked for the un american spice approach. The appetizer assortment was too much to eat, but we did it anyway, and it was all fried. Next time, skip the appetizers in favor of the excellent entrees.

          Good Indian beers plus local brews. Large bottles available. Good experience. Will return.

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            Personally, I've always found Tiffin to be a bit more atmosphere than flavor. Nothing bad, nothing negative. Just a bit bland, though very gracious, overall compared with other places on Devon.

            Certainly glad you enjoyed it. Hope you'll continue to explore as well as returning there.

            Places I've had good meals (though often in much plainer surroundings) include: Myseore Woodlands, Udupi Palace, Ghandi - and a couple of others I can't dredge up the names of at present.)

          2. Right now some of my favorite dishes on devon:

            Chicken boti from khan's bbq
            nehari at sabri nehari
            buffet at sizzle india (on the weekend for lunch)
            black makhani dal at sher-a-punjab
            samosa chaat at sukhadia (make sure to get extra jalapeno pickles)
            khaman/dokla at kamdar plaza (again make sure you get extra jalapeno)

            some sweets:
            kalakand at tahoora
            ras malai at udupi palace, which is still probably the best place for dosa though they've slipped some
            falooda at kamdar
            motichoor ladoo at ambala sweets

            I've written about almost all of these in the past here, if you search with the exception of chicken boti which I just wrote up on

            I think Tiffin, Hema's and Bhabi's are overrated, and Tiffin is also overpriced

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              Are there any places on Devon or elsewhere in Chicago that specialise in Chettinad dishes?

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                sorry just saw this.

                not specifically chettinad, I do remember seeing some chettinad dishes on the catering menu of bharatmela in naperville, which is an odd 1/2 chinese, 1/2 indian hybrid restuarant (not indian chinese food, but one hlaf is chinese buffet, the other half is tamil buffet)

                For those wondering what chettinad is, I've attached a link to a nice article. I did a post in the spring on a chettinad place I visited in madras, but can't seem to locate in through standard search measures