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Nov 11, 2004 06:31 PM

Slovakian food?

  • j

A good place in Chicago for Slovakian (or closely related)cuisine?

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  1. v
    Vital Information

    Is Slovakian food like Czech food? I'm pretty keen on Operetta, a modern Czech restaurant on Chicago's west side--and I mean modern as in catering to recent immigrants. See below for a report.



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    1. re: Vital Information

      Klas on Cermak - across the street is the L&J lounge locally known as 'the czech bar'. I don't think there is a sign outside, but all the locals know the place. Just ask. Although czechs and slovacks are separate nationalities, they live together in that neighborhood and eat and hang out at those two places. Drink the Becherovka and Slivowitz to get a true feeling for the country.