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Nov 3, 2004 05:20 PM

G-Shaft Candy

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Looking for a place that makes/sells G-shaft candy. Please let me know if you find or know of a place that sells it.

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  1. The word here in Joliet is that the fellow who made G-shaft according to the original recipe left town a few years ago. That fellow's product was packaged in clear plastic bags with a gold tag that I think said "G&S Candy, New Lenox, IL." It was sold at drug stores.

    Dan's on Cass St. and on Plainfield Rd. in Joliet might sell its version of G-shaft.

    You could also search the online archives of The (Joliet) Herald News.

    I am so glad to see G-shaft mentioned on Chowhound. For those unfamilair with it, G-shaft is a hard candy, brown and gold-striped, cylindrical and about a half-inch long. It tastes of anise and peppermint. The origin of the name is said to be this: A widow whose husband had been killed in a coal mining accident in Braceville, IL made the candy to support her family and named it after the shaft in which her husband had perished.

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      You could call Mitchell's, the best meat market and small grocery on the West Side, and ask if they sell G-shaft or know who does. 1300 N. Raynor Ave., Joliet; 815-726-6823

      You might also try Hollingsworth, the toffee maker in Lockport. 922 S. State St., Lockport; 815-838-2275

      The aforementioned Dan's...

      229 E. Cass St., Joliet; 815-723-3844
      1003 Plainfield Rd., Joliet; 815-722-0712

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        Thanks I give them a try and let you know!

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          you can get g shaft candy at the little drug store inside of joliet medical group on hammes in joliet. its the next street over from provena st joseph medical center. basingers drug store on jefferson st. in joliet used to carry it too.

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            Last night I was referred to this question by ErikM. I did some research and found someone else also looking for sources of this candy. I contact him to learn his source:

            Joliet Professional Pharmacy
            2100 Glenwood Avenue
            Joliet, IL 60435

            I found a potential recipe at:

            I found other commercial sources at:



            Several years ago, I was able to buy coal candy in a little red bag at Walgreens. I gave to my nieces and friend's kids for Christmas. I heard they went out of business, but I will keep an eye out.


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              Thanks Cathy2, I just talked to the people at the pharmacy and they have it. It is $7.50 per half pound. They are shipping me a pound and a half down here in St. Louis. The holidays will be much better. Thank you everyone for your help, now go out and get yourselves some g-shaft.


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        raymond e. conroy

        I am proud to be from this area but sad that i cannot find this item anymore. I remember this growing up in joliet, if anybody can tell me wher to by this great product I would be greatful. DANS CANDY AT THIS TIME DOES NOT SELL THIS THAT I KNOW.

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          Joliet Professional Pharmacy does sell and will ship, but only has G-shaft between Thanksgiving to Christmas.

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            I grew up with G-Shaft candy and love it. You can only find it from Thanksgiving through Christmas. There are several places that have it including Mitchell's Food Mart on Raynor Ave. Dan's Homemade Candy has their version. It is only peppermint flavored and not the same. The one I remember is more of an anise/rootbeer/sasparilla flavored.

          2. what is shaft candy? please?

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              Ah, the wonders of Google. All I did was enter "G-Shaft Candy," and VOILA!!


            2. My grandparents made G-Shaft Candy in their home when I was growing up. They distributed it all over the local Joliet area. Their name is Gus and Shirley Filides and lived in Elwood. After many years in the buisness they sold the name. It was great candy and lots of good memories!


              1. Oh, G Shaft. My Grandpa always had a bowl of it sitting in the living room at his house. I hated it as a kid, but grew pretty fond of it as I grew up. I could have sworn that they had it at Dan's Candies (on Plainfield Rd) last Fall.

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                  They definitely have it at Dan's Candies (in both locations). Just saw it on the counter this morning.

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                    Dan's Candies also has online ordering from their website at The website says that the Cass Street location is closed for the summer.

                2. my dad also has been making this candy since he was younger. He grew up in Wilmington IL close to Joliet. it is hard on the hands though so he doesn't sell it. Hope you find some at a store though! I love that stuff