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Dressel Cakes

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Are they still around? You could buy their chocolate whipped cream cake in the frozen department of the store. Or better yet go to their discount store thought they went out of business quite awhile ago--but hoping not.

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  1. I think you mean Dressler's. This calls up a vague image from my distant childhood - A whipped cream cake thawing on the counter. I haven't seen one for a long time. I

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      The name was Dressel's. They were in business for 75 years making frozen fudge whipped cream cakes at 67th and ashland. They were bought by a french company, which later dumped them. The factory was auctioned off a couple of years ago.

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        thank's Dave I've had such a taste for them lately--know of anything that comes close??

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        Actually, it was Dressel's. For 75 years they made frozen fudge whip cream cakes at 67th and ashland. The factory was auctioned off several years ago. The cakes were a big treat when I was a kid. I remember the red logo with the name written in a script font.

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            Have you had any luck with Dressels? I have been searching for them for years, this is the first thing I have found that I think is accurate. My Dad was a native of Chicago, always wanted the Dressels whipped cream cake on his birthday. We were able to find them in the grocery store in Florida, but last one I bought was in the late 80's. What a shame they are no longer around.

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              I, too, had my last piece of Dressel cake in the 1980s. They used to sell them at the Tops grocery store in East Aurora, NY. My friend's mom always bought them. So glad to find this discussion and sad (but not surprised - I've been looking for them for years), too.

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                Your prayers have been answered. You may need to call ahead.
                Baumann's Bakery
                12250 S. Harlem
                Palos Heights



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                  To turn a phrase, "Be careful what you pray for..." You may want to check this post about Baumann's regarding a cake for an 80th birthday party:

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              Subsidiary of Jacquet S.A. second largest bakery in Europe. Dressel's has been sold since and has disappeared from the grocery shelves.

          2. I've been googling "Dressel's" for the longest time, and have seen the earlier posts, and have been looking for a recipe that I can recreate the Dressel's Chocolate Whipcream Cake. I grew up with it, and recently my daughters and I have been watching some home videos from the late 80's to early (1992ish) 90's and for all the birthday's we still have the Dressel's cake on the table. I'm dying, those videos made me nuts. There's got to be someone out the that has experimented. Please share!!!

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              I love seeing all of these recent posts for Dressel's cakes!! The bakery was started by my family well before I was born, but went out of business when I was a kid. My dad, mom, grandpa, uncles, great uncles..etc... all worked there and I was very proud of it growing up. Every now and then when I meet a fellow Chicagoan I get asked if I'm any relation to the bakery and my family would love to know that the bakery is still remembered! (sorry i don't have any recipes - wish i did!!)

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                My father, George, worked for Dressel's back in the 1960's. He would arrive at the bakery very early every Saturday morning, load up the back up his station wagon with the cakes that had been ordered, and deliver the cakes for Dressel's to the homes of the people who had ordered them. Usually, the wonderful owners of Dressel's would give Dad a cake or cupcakes to take home to us (especially if it was a holiday). We were always thrilled. Today, people are amazed that a bakery would deliver a cake to your home! Dad worked this part-time delivery job for Dressel's for many years. The Dressel's owners were so good to our Dad and so nice to us if we came along with him (big treat for us kids!). My mother still talks about the Dressel's family and how nice and kind that they were. Their bakery was so delicious. Nothing like it today. MDressel, you have a very proud heritage that was much a part of many people's lives!

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                  Hello mressel - I just posted a frosting recipe. I called it 'cooked frosting' my mom said it was Dressel's. Your family's cakes were the best!

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                    Hello MDressel,

                    I would love to get in touch. My name is Karen Dressel and Bill Dressel was my Dad.

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                      Hi! I love how this post has brought so many Dressel's together. Jack Dressel was my grandfather.

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                        I love it too :)

                        So your Grandfather was my Uncle......so we are second cousins!

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                            Indeed! Your Dad and my other cousins were teenagers when I was born, and before the days of Facebook it was hard to stay in touch :)

                2. Try Wolf's Bakery around 9500 S. Kedzie! Enjoy!

                  1. Gosh how I remember Dressel's fudge cakes. Every time we returned to Chicago (after moving to Florida in 1956) a Dressel's cake was always part of the reunion. Sorry to hear that this Chicago icon was tanked by some loser French concern. If anyone has the recipe, I would love to have it. No place better to eat than The Windy City.

                    1. In today's Tribune, there's an article, "What ever happened to Dressel's Bakery in Cicero?". You can read it at www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi...

                      1. Hi All, I happen to have the recipe for the frosting - my mom made it often, don't know how she got it. As a kid, I always refered to it as cooked frosting.

                        Cook Together - 1/2 cup flour and 1 cup water. Must become a thick glob - Let cool.
                        Cream - 1/2 cup butter 1 cup sugar
                        Beat flour mixture into sugar/butter - teaspoon at a time.
                        Add 1 tsp vanilla and food coloring if you want.

                        1. A couple things:
                          1) I recently got one of Baumann's "Dressel's Cakes" and, while okay, it was nothing like the Dressel's cake I remember (my parents, who had those cakes from the 50s until they closed, agreed). I mean no offense to Baumann's.
                          2) Does anyone have a picture of either a Dressel's cake or the box they came in from the grocery store? It might sound weird, but just being reminded exactly what it looked like would bring a smile to my face.

                          I'm glad I'm not alone in my love for the old Dressel's.

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                              There used to be a Dressel's on Cermak Rd. in Chicago, too.

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                                In the 70s, didn't the Dressel's cake have some kind of fine golden crumbs on the edge of the cake? What was that made out of?

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                              Hi everyone. I am new to this website. I joined so I could tell you all that me and my mother found a cake that is just as good as the old Dressel's cake (only we think it's better). Go to Wolf's Bakery in Evergreen Park. OMG!! We went there not knowing what to expect. The cake is still called Dressel's and it tastes exactly like the original but it's got more whipped cream. Folks if you are looking for that original Dressel's cake taste--go to Wolf's Bakery!!! You won't be sorry. It is excellent.

                            3. I also am related to the family and very proud of the bakery, we have pictures in our house from long ago, they closed down long long before I was born being that it was my great uncles that worked it considering my grandfather was to young. I don't think their are any recipes but I appreciate all of your love for my family's bakery.

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                                Hey Brandon,

                                I wonder if we are second or third cousins? My father was William Dressel whos siblings were Celine, Jack, and Leonard.

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                                  My grandfather is Jack, not sure what that makes us though? :)

                              2. I also think that maybe your palos heights and evergreen park places may be the closest thing you can find to the cakes considering that's where most of the Dressels settled down around.

                                1. it's just about 1 year from the last post, and we're still asking about the dressel's chocolate whip cream cake; we preferred them frozen! i just FB'd my older (ha-ha!!) brother to ask if he knew if dressel's, and that magnificent cake was still around! then i did a search and immediately found this site, so i copied and pasted the address to my FB page, so he could read about it, too. i have 5 siblings, however i'm guessing that him and i are the only ones that remember this great cake. MDressel and Brandon Dressel, pls. both be VERY proud of this family legacy. they just don't make companies/corporations/products like this anymore. i know my brother and i will ALWAYS remember this item fondly.

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                                    Cittykat, I believe that anyone who lives in the chicago area could find a Dressel's Original cake at Wolf's Bakery in Evergreen Park. At least that's where I have been buying mine for years.


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                                      Thanks so much, Beverly! Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll have to check it out. You've been the only one who had an answer in quite a long time, now. Good on you!

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                                      Ok, this is extremely weird!! You sound like my family, also 5 siblings. Loved, loved, loved Dressel's cakes, but I think my whole family remembers them. I think after we couldn't buy them anymore, we started making a chocolate ice box cake for birthday's, which rocks. But I'm checking out the two bakeries. It's terrible to loose part of your past, like Dressel's Bakery and the recipe. I totally agree with you cittykat, M Dressel & Brandon Dressel, you should be very proud. That's so funny finding this post today, since I too was going to post this on FB for my older brother (and the rest of my family) as such a wonderful memory.

                                    3. Omg..Dressers Cake..what memories! Chocolate or strawberry..we would let it thaw and grab a fork. My dad and I would demolish the whole thing..sloop good..been looking for it. I am 55 so I grew up in the 60s and 70s...I have never had cake so good. Real whipped cream. I miss it...might go to evergreen park to visit that wolfs bakery.

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                                        My sis and I keep looking for Dressel cakes, too. We always had the strawberry cakes for our birthdays. We will have to try Wolf's. I bought my sis a strawberry cake from Calumet Bakery. It was delicous and close - very very close, but not it. Calumet Bakery in Lansing also brings back memories from South Chicago.

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                                          Burney Brothers Bakeries in the Jewel Stores - many, many years ago - you could order special whip cream cakes - chocolate, strawberry, etc. So very good. I have made this Chocolate Mousse cake from an old McCall's recipe book for years - very, very good and very close to BBB Chocolate Whip Cream Cake. You can search the web for McCall's Chocolate Mousse Cake.

                                      2. We always had Dressel cakes for our birthdays. There was an outlet on Cicero near 95th St. where we used to get them. I thought they were lost forever until we found out that Baumann's Bakery in Palos Heights had their own version of the chocolate fudge variety. I just ordered one today with nuts. These are great cakes, but they actually taste better after they've been sitting around for 24-48 hours.

                                        1. I exchanged emails with Wolff's Bakery, and if there enough interest, they would consider shipping their Dressel's cakes. It's time to let the rest of the country know what Chicagoans have known forever, DRESSEL'S is the best. Everyone not living in Chicago and jonesing for a slice of culinary heaven get crackin and let Wolff's know we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore! Ship us Dressel's!

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                                          1. Wow its been so long since I've found anyone else who even knew what Dressler's was. I'm 28 yrs old and for every birthday up until about 11 years old my mom would buy me their atomic cake( because I begged for it) I didn't care about having Barbie or action figures on my cake it was all about all those delicious flavors and whipped cream on one cake! then one day they just disappeared :-( my mom apologized and told me she would have to find a new place to buy my birthday cake. I'm a pastry chef now and I still hold onto dear memories of that cake, I've tried other atomic cakes which my mom still to this day buys me for my birthday but non compare. I would love to recreate this cake but I can't quite remember all the fillings I believe it had layers of vanilla, chocolate and banana cake with fresh banana and strawberry filling and whipped cream. If anyone else remembers exactly what was in this cake please post it and I will share my sweet results with you:-)

                                            1. I bought my college roommate a Dressel's frozen birthday cake every year and we gobbled it up in the dorm. She has passed away. I wonder if they have Dressel cakes in heaven!

                                              DO THEY SELL THE IN CHICAGO?????