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Oct 17, 2004 10:39 PM

Anything better than Aurelio's pizza near west burbs?

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I liked aurelio's pizza last night. first time i had it in downers grove. the base is crunchy and the tomato sauce is good. the cheese is not upto the mark, that is what cuts the points. i would give it 8/10. just for comparison, i would give Home run Inn pizza a 1/10. Just because i have never tasted a 0/10. Anyways are there any other places near the west suburbs which has better mozarella cheese fired in a brick oven?

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  1. Well, I am a fan of Aurelio's AND Home Run Inn...not sure why you would give HRI only a 1, but hey, everyone has their own "score". Rosati's has a loyal following and a few locations in the west 'burbs. Not sure if they are still around but Skuttlebutt's on Belmont in DG is also a favorite of my sis's family. FInally, a place on my "gotta try" list is an outlet of the original VIto & Nick's...thy have a new restaurant as part of a bowling center in Lemont.

    1. There is a place in downtown Naperville called Brickhouse pizza. It was called Leonardo's for many years, but the original owners sold and the name was changed (the pizza, however, remains the same). I suspect that their thin crust pizza is the type of pizza that you're looking for. They cook the pizza in a brick oven and the cheese gets nice and crusty. IMHO, it is some of the best in the western burbs.

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        The Brickhouse pizza I ate was bland and undercooked (I asked our host to bake it "well done").

        The best pizza in N'ville comes from Uncle Steve's Pizza.

      2. I stopped going to Aurelio's years ago because the pizzas were inconsistent. It's a fairly large chain, and like most chains I suspect the inconsistency stems from employee turnover issues.

        I also happen to enjoy Home Run Inn pizza every once in a while, but I will say that it MUST be eaten in the restaurant, as the steaming which occurs during carryout wrecks the crust.

        You might want to try Suparossa in Woodridge. Their brick-oven pizzas are extremely good -- as long as you tell them to make sure to let the cheese brown a bit, as they tend to undercook the pizzas.


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          Sredni Vashtar

          I don't know how you define "near west suburbs" but I wouldn't include Naperville or Woodridge in that category. While in the city, it's close enough to be considered "near west" at least, so what about the old stand-by for pizza:

          Caponies Pizzeria
          3350 N Harlem Ave

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            Only thing I can think of is the person possibly meant "near the western suburbs". I grew up in DG and never considered it a naer west 'burb, but now when I go back and visit, heck, with the growth of the suburban sprawl into Joliet and beyond Aurora, well, DG, Naperville, etc are a lot "nearer" than they once were!

            BOttom line is there are SO many great pizza places in and around Chicago and the suburbs, be it near or far. I live in the SoCal megaopolis, and while there are good pizza places, they are few and far between, and their numbers are far outweighed by bad and mediocre ones.

          2. It's been a long time since I ate there, but Gioacchino's in Bellwood used to serve a very good pizza. They're at 5201 St. Charles Road.