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Oct 1, 2004 09:22 AM

Polish deli on Weber Rd. north of Joliet

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Europa Deli
16141 Weber Rd.
Crest Hill, IL 60435
(815) 834-3354
Mon-Sat 10-7
Sun 10-5
Monika Deimer, owner

Europa Deli has been open over a month and is maybe a mile south of I-55. It's on the east side of Weber at the south end of a new strip mall (the phrase writes itself). The entrance is at the north end of the strip mall.

This small shop is chockfull of imported canned and bottled Polish foods, plus Polish magazines and newspapers. The deli counter at back has dozens of meats and other main dishes, all labeled in Polish and English. I stopped in for a quick supper to go. I ordered a pork cutlet. When the woman started wrapping it up without bread, I asked her for some so I could have a sandwich. She stepped out from behind the deli, grabbed a bagged loaf of sliced bread from a display, and took out two slices for me. The cutlet was good, and the white bread was way better than white bread sounds. I also got a container of chicken noodle soup which was OK.

I'll return to Europa Deli.

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  1. Mugs,

    As always, you seem to have found a diamond in the rough. I'll be sure to head there asap since it's only a few miles from me. Thanks


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    1. re: Flip

      Any paczki or other pastry there? We're always looking for new weekend pastry alternatives.

    2. I had been waiting for this place to open, but haven't been that far north on Weber for a few weeks.

      I can't wait to give it a try. The HappyFatGuy comes from almost 100% Polish stock, and this place is not too far from my parents house.

      I'll try to add to the review after I get there...

      Thanks, Mugs!