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Jun 2, 2003 12:22 AM

where in seattle to buy turkish olives?

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i have been looking for olives by the brand name of SERA, still can't find them, they sell green and black ones, and they are packed in a plastic rectangular "bubble" (box)with the brine. the packaging is transparent,so you can see them through it.

question is, last time i saw them was in the southwest (TX), in a middle-eastern grocery. i tried calling all groceries in the area, but the salespeople just end up offering other types of olives. these are the BEST in my opinion...anyone seen them in this area?????

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  1. I am not sure if you will be able to find specifically Turkish olives at any of these places but… The Spanish Table on Western has a good selection of olives as does Delaurenti’s in the Market. Two other places to try would be Whole foods and PFI. Hope this is some help. The folks at Spanish Table might be able to steer you in the right direction if they don’t have what you want.

    Can I ask why you are looking for Turkish Olives?

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      thanks so much,i will check out the stores.i am lookign for them because they had the best taste of all the olives i've tasted in a looong time :)

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        I've been hanging around middle eastern groceries, etc, here for years, and don't remember specifically seeing any Turkish olives, but... a few places that might be able to stear you to some, if there are any, are The Olive Branch, 80th and 15th NE, a restaurant with some groceries; and the Turkish place (name?) at the north end of Pike Place, right next to the wine merchant that's at the corner of Virginia; they've a very small grocery selection, but they might know if there are any available at all.

        Good luck -


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          I can't remember the turkish restaurant on the north end of Pike Place Market, but you might try the mideast/indian grocery store "The Souk" that's about a block south on the same street.

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            The place at the north end of the market is Turkish Delight.
            I'd definitely ask there, and at PFI - in the book under Big John's.

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              Update: from what I can tell, The Olive Branch is no longer open.

        2. Allie: My turkish friend's are also fond of SERA olives they buy them from Cafe Anatolia thru their internet site "" they appearently have a large variety available plus many turkish items at reasonable prices. Good Luck.

          1. Hi Allie ,

            You can find many Turkish goods from , Tulumba is Turkish Store and located in NY City . They're reliable and have a lot of great merchants as well as fast and reliable online service and shipping ..

            when you enter the website , type "zeytin" or "olive" you'll see variety of olive and olive product..


            1. From the DK market in Renton, behind Wal-Mart. I know they've got them, because I bought the SERA olive spread a few weeks ago because I was homesick for Muffaletas (From Northern Louisiana) and was a little disappointed because the spread was oil-cured Kalamata-style olives, which for a muffaleta aren't right.
              They have many, many Turkish specialties imported directly from Turkey, and Sera Olives is one of those. You may have trouble finding EXACTLY what you'want at any particular time, for example my jar of mild Ajvar is half full and I need another and at this time I seem to only see the hot one :-(

              Their olive market is generally for Somalis and Arabs and some Turks. Go and look, understand that availability might not be instant (if you demand that, you're too spoiled!) and I think you'll find not only the olives, but many foods you'd like to eat!

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                Sorry, I misspoke! I made an Italian sub sandwich last night, and looked at my olive spread. It's not SERA, it's Marmarabirlik. (Still good, and INTENSE flavor!)

              2. For anyone looking for nice Turkish olives and other Mid-East foods, you can go to Byblos in Bellevue (14220 NE 20th St.). Prices are reasonable. Now and then, I pop in there for a jar of pickled veggies from Turkey. They carry a really nice block of Bulgarian feta in their fridge. I noticed that it's cheaper than in other shops.

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                  FETA: there's been a lawsuit about Feta in the EEC that Greece won. (Also about prosciuto and Pamesan Cheese, and the original lawsuit was about German beer)
                  The Bulgarian cheese is not marketed as FETA, it's marketed as Sheep's Milk Cheese because of the lawsuit. (But it's good)
                  3 or 4 lbs is $10.95 in Saar's Market in Rainier and Henderson. Right beside it in the case they offer some American knock-offs that are indeed marketed as Feta, but a close look reveals that they're made of millk from sheep that say MOO. (I wouldn't bother with those if I was you)
                  On the other hand, real Greek Feta is quite, quite pricey. The Bulgarian product is in a square tub of brine, and lasts for years in your fridge. (Ah, the joys of bachelorhood!)