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Aug 9, 2004 06:51 PM

chili crab

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I just returned from a vaction in Singapore and am now in love with chili crab.
Does anyone know of a place with good chili crab or pepper crab in Chicago?

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    Sweet Willie

    Have been in the same boat for a few years now. Unfortunately I have not found anything in Chicago.
    I came close in Seattle, but just not the same.

    1. Not quite the same but I believe Bob Chinn has a Kona crab dish with chili sauce. Quite tasty!

      1. This may not be as good as your Singapore experience, but not bad for Chicago. Try Penang Restaurant in Chinatown, at the corner of Cermak and Wentwork.

        They have several lobster and dungeness crab dishes that are quite good. Their noodle dishes (especially Kuey Twei and Beef Chow Fun) are as close to ones you'll find at food stalls in Asia, which as you know, offers the best noodles if you dare to venture. Both of their soft-shell crab dishes are excellent as well. Just a warning, not all of their dishes are great. I find that most of their sauteed dishes, directed at the typical American tastes, are lacking at best. Their Shrimp dishes are the worst, which is surprising since their lobsters, dungeness crabs, and soft-shells are the great.

        Good luck!

        1. Bob Chin's has been rated nationally as one of the top seafood restaurant in the country. Located near Whealing, IL it is a treak but worth the drive. He serves a great chili crab.

          1. By all means, do try the chili crab at Bob Chinn's (it and many other items are quite good.) But enjoy it in it's own right and don't get your hopes up - it will not be comparable to what you fell in love with in Singapore. Good luck.