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Jul 31, 2004 02:03 PM

Who's got the best hamburger in the Chicagoland area?

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Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My favorite is In 'n Out Burger in California, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting out that way for quite a while.

Thanks for your input.

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  1. This is a repeated topic and the consensus is there is no 'best'. There is also, for some, an acknowledgement that at some point there's a bifurcation on hamburger styles (ex. - high-end restaurant burgers found at places like Smith & Wollensky vs. a 'faster' food burger like Inn 'n Out). I'd suggest searching the board for past discussions. I'm also including a link to another forum where this very topic was covered rather well, which should provide you with a number of potential places to try. Good luck!


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      There are even multiple versions of the 'fast food' burger.

      Mickey's on Harlem in Oak Park sells "Big Mickeys" which are very close to in-n-out burgers. I prefer them to the burgers at the westwood in-n-out, certainly.

      Then there's the more "chicago" style of fast food burger which is usually a 1/4lb preformed patty on a big rosen bun.

      1. re: Ed Fisher

        I think Top Notch Beefburger on 95th Street and Damen

    2. My favorites-
      Blackies on Grand-Quick and Consistent
      Mike Ditkas
      The Billy Goat Lower Michigan

      1. Anyone remember a place called Sauer's by IIT back in the '70's. It was the best burger in town....round patty on rye...kick butt coleslaw....steak fries.

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          . . . or on black bread, too. You might want to try Blackie's mentioned above, whose burger on black bread reminds me a little bit of Sauer's version (I think--it is going back a long way).

        2. One of the greatest hamburgers in the Chicago area ever, was the Acorn on Oak St. which closed up years ago. I have been trying to find a similar burger and the closest seems to be the Winkburger at Norton's in Highland Park. Another wonderful burger is found at the famous Beinlick's also in Highland Park. This is a throwback bar straight out of the Wisconsin northwoods with wood paneling, stuffed fish all over the place etc. The special includes great fries, cole slaw and raw or sauteed onions.

          1. One of my personal favorites is The South Loop Club's burger!
            You get your choice of cheese and grilled onions is a must (for me anyway!)